Four great plans from SpinTel- Choose the one that suits you best

Spintel Telco

SpinTel is great Australian telco that came into existence in 1996 and offers down-to-earth, straightforward mobile phone plans. Today, SpinTel acts as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and has four different postpaid mobile phone plans on the Optus 3G and 4G networks. Optus wholesales the network to SpinTel, and the savings are then passed onto you.

SpinTel mobile phone plans

SpinTel Mobile Plans
                                              Four different postpaid mobile phone plans

SpinTel has four plans from $9.95 a month up to $79.95 a month, all on a month-to-month, no contract postpaid basis. Excess data is charged at $10 a GB, and you’ll also incur a $10 set-up fee across all plans. You could be forgiven for being put off by the upfront cost, especially with SpinTel’s cheaper plans, but they do recover from this shaky start to offer competitive value.

Plan NamePlan Cost Per MonthInclusions
Small$9.95200 minutes calls, unlimited texts, 500MB data (plus 1GB bonus)
Medium$29.95Unlimited calls and texts, 3GB data
30GB 3G$39.95Unlimited calls and texts, 30GB of 3G data
90GB 3G$79.95Unlimited calls and texts, 90GB of 3G data
  • Minimum total cost is plan price and once off $10 SIM activation fee. Extra Data Costs: For customers on 4G plans, once you reach your data limit extra data is $10 per GB as said above. 3G plans have a standard excess rate, of $0.7/MB. Calls & SMS/MMS: Calls and messages to standard Australian numbers.
  • Upfront Costs: SIM activation and postage is payable upfront, standard postage is $0 and express postage is $10. 1 1.5GB for first 6 months then 500MB, not available for existing SpinTel mobile services
  • A two-minute standard call to fixed and Australian mobiles is $0.099. Calls over the plan limit are charged at $0.10 per minute.
  • Access to the Optus 3G Network only, Services can remain on the 3G plan for a maximum period of 12-months, at which time the service must be moved to an alternate plan.

SpinTel Small Plan

The SpinTel small plan costs under $10 a month and you’ll get a whopping 1.5GB of 4G data to go with it. This is the 500MB data as standard, plus 1GB extra for the first six months. You’ll also get unlimited texts and MMS, along with 200 minutes of calls. This bonus data means that SpinTel now has one of the cheapest plans to offer at least 1GB of data. Plus, on a no-contract plan, you’re under no obligation to stick it out once the extra data offer ends. Most plans at this price come on a prepaid basis and with short expiry periods, but SpinTel offers its plans over 30 days and it’s hard to knock this one.

SpinTel 4G Mobile Broadband Plans
                                                          SpinTel 4G Mobile Broadband Plans

SpinTel Medium Plan

The Medium plan from SpinTel is also solid value, being the first plan to offer unlimited calls and texts. You’ll also get a healthy 3GB of 4G data, which should be enough for plenty for you. At under $30, it’s a decent plan at a straightforward price, and there’s no ‘extra data for six months’ deal. It’s the kind of plan you could stick with for some time.

SpinTel 30GB 3G Plan

This is the first of two plans to offer massive data but on a 3G connection. So while you’ll get a huge boost in data, your maximum speed will pale compared to those offered on a 4G connection. However, this could still be ‘fast enough’ for most people. Social media and general web browsing should still be a breeze with 3G, but video streaming quality will suffer. However, 4G speed is of course relegated to 4G zones, and given that 3G has much more expansive coverage, you might find a 4G plan to be overrated anyway. For those living rurally, this may be especially true. Whatever the case, 30GB of data for under $50 a month is serious value. (at the time of writing)

SpinTel 90GB 3G Plan

The 90GB plan data include some broadband plans to which you will still be relegated to 3G speeds. With these massive amounts of data, could you even get through it all in one month. While 3G is likely sufficient for browsing and social media and 90GB of data for less than $80 is just wonderful
SpinTel offers a nice range of postpaid mobile plans and suits to all kinds of users. Just find more details of various plans at the SpinTel website.