How To Fix Beep On iPhone Charging?

How To Fix Beep On iPhone Charging?

Would you like an easy way to modify the vibration, charging sound, and screen power on when plugging in your iPhone to a power source? If so, then Beep Beep will allow you to do just that. Let’s find out how to Fix the Beep On iPhone Charging.

Most Phones vibrate once and light up to inform you when connected to a charged CABLE, after which it goes silent. The screen may light up again upon reaching 100%, but that may be only on Samsung Smartphones.

All smartphones with Wireless Charging ability light up the screen and either vibrate (if in Silent mode) or beep once (if in speaker mode) when sensing an active Wireless Charger under them.

However, if the phone is not fully centred on its wireless charger, it may vibrate or beep once at short intervals, continuously, as a warning of this. The phone will not be charged as efficiently (or not at all) until it is properly centred, and stops repeating its buzz or beep.

How To Fix Beep on iPhone Charging?

How To Fix Beep on iPhone Charging?
How To Fix Beep on iPhone Charging?

When you first charge your iPhone and if you hear some buzz or chime it means your phone is charging. But if shortly (three seconds to be precise) after this first buzz or chime, you get a second buzz or chime, this means that the iPhone is fast charging. For this to work, you’ll need a compatible iPhone (officially an iPhone 8 or higher), a USB-C-to-Lightning cable, and a USB-C charger capable of outputting a minimum of 15W, and for the battery to be discharged to below 50%.

If you hear three buzzes or chimes, then this is a sign that USB Restricted Mode is enabled. This is a privacy feature that prevents USB accessories that plug into the Lightning port from making data connections with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch if your iOS device has been locked for over an hour. You shouldn’t hear this when connecting your iPhone to a charger, and shouldn’t affect charging at all no matter what device you plug your iPhone into, only data transfer.

If you want to stop your iPhone buzzing when in silent mode, head over to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, scroll down to System Haptics and toggle this to off. If the iPhone keeps beeping even if you have plugged it off, then do the following:

1. Get Another Charger

You have to plug off and plug it on again. If your issue is the charger, then you can buy another original charger that is certified by Apple.

2. Get another Cable

If you recently changed the cable of your charger, then try to use the original one that came with your phone. Make sure that the power supply is enough to support your charger and your device.

3. Reboot your iPhone

You can do a force restart by holding the Volume down button and the home button simultaneously. The beeping should stop immediately if your device is turned off.

4. Check the Electrical Outlets and the Charger

Make sure that your charger is plugged in correctly to the wall. Insert the charger or use another outlet if you feel that the device is too loose, then change the electrical sockets where it is plugged in.

5. Turn Off Automatic Sync on your iPhone

In order to do this, just go to your iTunes application.

Head on to the “Edit” or “Preferences” tab. Look for the checkbox. That says Prevent Device from syncing automatically. Make sure that it is unchecked.

Simply Reboot your iPhone. In order to do this, go to Settings, then tap on General. Click on Turn Off Device. Wait for a few minutes before you turn it back on again.

If you keep experiencing the beeping sound on your iPhone, it might be time for you to contact an expert. You should let them know about the issue so that they will have a clear idea of when to fix it.

6. Make sure to close all tabs in Safari

If the beep of your iPhone started when you were using Safari to search the web, it is a great possibility that the beep comes from an announcement on a web page seen previously. If this is, in fact, the cause behind this, you will probably notice a strange mp3 file. The audio widget of your iPhone will be played. To stop the announcement, exit all the Safari tabs you have opened.

To exit from any Safari tab, simply open the application, press down and hold the tab change button (located on the bottom right of your iPhone screen) and press “Close all the number tabs”.

7. Close Apps

In addition to Safari, other applications can cause an iPhone to start beeping randomly. Several users have stated that their iPhones will continue to beep after using applications such as TutuApp, theCHIVE, the TMX application, and more.

If your iPhone starts beeping after using a particular application, it is important to close the application as soon as possible once the beep starts. If you can’t identify which application is the cause, close them all to be sure.

To exit the applications, start by double-clicking on the “Start” button to start the application switcher. Slide the applications up and out of the screen. Once an application no longer appears in the application switcher, it will know that it was closed correctly.

8. Clear the date of the website and the history of Safari

Once all the applications are closed, it is also important to delete the data from the website and the Safari history. This is because the ad that caused your iPhone to beep may have left a cookie in the Safari browser.

9. Check if there are available updates to the application

Once the beep has stopped, take a look at the App Store to see if the application that caused the beep of your iPhone has an update available. These updates are frequently released by developers to help solve problems and eliminate errors.

iOS 7 and 8 iPhone Tweak for Beep

Beep Beep compatible with IOS 7 and 8 on all devices is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to modify what happens when you plug in your iPhone to a power source.

More specifically, you can configure the sound and vibration that take place when charging is enabled.

With this tweek you can :

  • Enable disable the charging sound
  • Use your own custom charging sound
  • Enable/Disable the vibration when you plug in your device
  • Prevent the screen from turning on when you plug in your device
  • Only one sound is included with the tweek the iOS 6 charging sound
  • To import your own charging sound just put your sound file in Library/Application/Support/BeepBeep/Sounds. Then select it in the preferences
  • Beep Beep also works on start-up and on respring. For example, if you disable the charging sound you will not hear it after each respring.
  • Configure options from the settings
Beep Beep on iPhone
Beep Beep on iPhone

How to set up

After you install Beep Beep, you’ll need to open Settings and go to the tweak’s preferences. There, you’ll find several switches for managing things like charging sound, vibration, and screen turn-on. This is the biggest update of Beep Beep. No need to tap the preview button to preview the sound. Select your sound in the preferences and it will play automatically like the ringtones menu in the preferences. Beep Beep now uses the ringer volume instead of the media volume.

As an example Suppose you had to work late, and your family is asleep. When you plug your iPhone in for the night before bed, you could wake your family with the loud charging sound, the vibration motor, or even the screen brightness. Beep Beep will let you disable, one, two or all three of these charging indicators.

In the previous version of the tweak, Beep Beep came bundled with additional charging sounds that you could use to customize your iPhone. Unfortunately, many of those sounds were copyrighted and had to be removed.

If you’re interested to give this tweak a try, it is available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Once you install you can share your experiences!

Click here to find out how to add and install Bigboss Repo on iOS

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