Find Love With the Top 3 Dating Apps

Find Love With the Top Dating Apps
Find Love With the Top Dating Apps

In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to escape using dating apps. As traditional courtship slowly fades away, more people are turning to apps to meet. While this trend may be alarming to some, it’s opening up doors to a cultural revolution. People can meet simply by swiping their phones, which is breaking down barriers that used to limit us. Now that you no longer have to mingle at social events, the spotlight has returned to social apps.

While some people mourn the death of traditional interaction, the convenience of dating apps can’t be ignored. What was once viewed as a corny way to meet has now become essential to connect. Just like social media, dating apps have steadily become a part of our lives. With millions of people looking for partners, developers are scrambling to fine-tune dating apps.

This newfound interest has paved the way for a slew of apps that revolve around kindling romance. While they may look eerily similar, a few key differences separate some from the pack. With so many choices to choose from, finding the ideal dating app can be daunting. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best dating apps ever created. Prepare to find your next lover with this lineup of premium dating apps!

Best Dating Apps

Dating App #3: Bumble

Dating Apps
This app puts ladies first.

For women who are turned off by aggressive men, this app levels out the playing field. Instead of allowing anyone to message, the woman has to initiate the conversation for heterosexual relationships. In same-sex encounters, anyone can interact first. While this app prides itself on protecting its users from unwanted advances, it isn’t entirely original. Their setup is extremely similar to Tinder since people find matches through photos. However, if the woman doesn’t message the guy within 24 hours the connection gets dropped.

On one hand, this app is a breath of fresh air for women who like to take control. Having protective features nearly eliminates inappropriate encounters, but it does have its downsides. Female dominant apps normally attract more passive male users. Even though this stereotype isn’t a hundred per cent true, you can definitely tell the difference on this platform. This app is still a great way to find your match since it attracts people who are turned off by the aggressive nature of major dating apps. Try your luck with something new!

Dating App #2:

Dating Apps
This classic artfully made the transition!

Long before apps dominated our lives, was uniting lovers online. They pioneered online dating, so it’s no surprise that their app is superb. Instead of logging in through Facebook, users go through a rigorous signup process. From there they can add photos and select their preferences. After the profile is set up, users can “wink” at other people and start chats.

While this app is a great way to meet people, it comes at a price. The free option only gets you so far. The cheapest way to get the most out of the app is $21 a month for six months. For this reason, this app is an investment. It’s up to you to decide if the price is worth your online quest to find true love!

Dating App #1: Tinder

Dating Apps
This app revolutionized the industry!

When it comes to user interfaces, Tinder is king. Their setup is so simple that there’s no excuse not to create an account. To limit spammers, each account is created through Facebook. From there users can add up to six pictures and a 500-character bio. Once all your details are added, you are shown a never-ending stream of photos for potential lovers. These can be vetted by swiping, and once you both approve each other a chat can be initiated.

The ease of use and wide range of users has made Tinder the champion of dating apps. They currently have over 50 million users with 26 million matches made a day. This leads to 1.5 million dates a week, which is an impressive figure that no other platform can boast. If you are tired of being single, download this app and start swiping!

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