How to Find Best Family Mobile Plans

Family Mobile Plans

Family Mobile plans in Australia are available monthly, weekly, or yearly. Whether you have prepaid or postpaid mobile, you can visit the Australian telecom sites and find the current and upcoming plans.

The three main telecom providers are:

  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • Vodafone

All are offering 5G mobile plans in Australia.

Where is 5G available in Australia

Find the best Mobile Plans In Australia.

Family mobile plan Optus
Family mobile plan from Optus – You can add 4 SIMs to one plan

1. Family Mobile Plans

Like T Mobile in US, Telcome companies in Australia also offer family mobile plans

Get 4 SIMs for $165/month
$41.25 per SIM, per month.

Data: 320 GB monthly

Talk&Text: Unlimited to standard Australian mobiles and landlines, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail. Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.
You can add up to five Bundle plans to your account.

Minimum cost $122/month, including the cost of an Essential Plan.

Data: 25 GB

Unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS to standard Australian numbers.

30 minutes of calls to standard international numbers.
You can add up to five Bundle plans to your account.

Minimum cost is $122/month, including the cost of an Essential Plan.

Data: 25 GB

Unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS to standard Australian numbers.

30 minutes of calls to standard international numbers.
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Family Mobile Plans from ALDI Mobile

Family mobile plan from ALDI
Family mobile plan from ALDI

ALDI Mobile offers three family plans at $55 for 50GB and two users, $95 for 100GB and four users and $125 for 150GB and six users. Operates on Telstra Network.

Family Mobile Plans from Yomojo

Yomojo Family Bundle Plan
Yomojo Family Bundle Plan

Choose the number of lines you need for your family and select the right-sized plan for each service from their range of Unlimited Plans. Mix and match the plans to suit each family member’s needs – and your budget. Operated on Optus network.

2. Mobile Data Sharing/Gifting Plans For Family

Tangerine Mobile
Tangerine Mobile plans

Few providers offer mobile data-sharing plans for families.

A- Belong Mobile

Belong offers data sharing to all its SIM-only customers. Users get unlimited data banking, including gifted data. So, theoretically, if one family member didn’t use much data at all, they could either send it to another family member or keep it for a rainy day.

You can gift the data to anyone on the Belong network (not just those on eligible plans), and any data you get can store for later use. Operates on Telstra.

B- Tangerine Mobile

Tangerine Mobile also allows customers to gift their data. For SIM-only plans, customers can gift part of their standard monthly data to other Tangerine mobile customers.

Gifting is capped at 50% of the customer’s standard SIM-only plan’s monthly data allowance (rounded up to the nearest GB) per billing period. Operated on Telstra.

Customers must also gift a minimum amount of 1GB per transaction.

  • All you need is to login to your account number at their Self Care Portal using your customer account number, email and password. Click on the ‘Mobile’ drop down menu and click on ‘Active Mobile Services’.
  • Select the mobile service you wish to gift data from. From the Menu, select ‘Gift Data’ Enter the mobile number you wish to gift data to and the amount of data you want to gift.

C- More Mobile

More Mobile’s data gifting option works the same as Tangerine’s. Customers can gift data to other More Mobile SIM-only customers provided they gift data in 1GB increments. Also they do not exceed 50% of their plan’s standard monthly data allowance and do not resell or regift any gifted data

Bonus data received from a special offer or promo cannot be gifted. Gifting can be done via the More Self Care Portal. Operates on Telstra Network.

D- Everyday Mobile

Everyday Mobile offers a number of no-contract plans from as low as $25 per month with data gifting. Whatever plan you have, you can gift up to 50% of your included data in 1GB increments to any other customer who uses the same telco. Operates on Telstra provider.

If you forget to gift your data, any unused data will roll over into a data bank (with a maximum capacity of 1,000GB on postpaid plans and 500GB on prepaid plans) for future use.

How to find the best family mobile plans?

There are a few ways to find the best family mobile plans:

Compare the PlansFind your Needs
How much Data they are offering

Monthly cost

Are calls unlimited

What about the text SMS and MMS

Do they offer international Roaming?

Any bonus or discounts

Special features, if included, like free games, TV shows, discounts at stores, etc.

Is there any lock-in Period or contract or no contract?

Offering Kids safety and locking of data.

Membership & Rewards.
You should ensure how many people you want to add to the plan.

Find your family’s usage.

How much data do you need?

Are you streaming videos or playing online games?

How many calls, on average, do you make, including international calls?

Your texting needs.

Major Insights

Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone mainly offer family mobile plans in Australia. Their sub-companies offer data gifting and data sharing.

You should read the terms and conditions carefully and compare the plans, finding one that suits your needs.

Also, the mobile plans are subject to change, so visit the telecom sites for the latest updates and offers.


What does it mean by Family Mobile Plans?

Family Mobile plans, or Bundle plans, are where you add several family members’ SIMs. All of you share the same plan. In this way, you save money and get sufficient data and other offers.

Which mobile companies offer Family plans?

The major providers are Telstra and Optus along with Vodafone.

What is Data Gifting?

Data gifting means you gift your family or friends the extra data you have. Before gifting you need to read the terms and conditions.

Is the family mobile plan cost-effective?

The answer depends on your usage and your needs. If your family members use more data and calls, then these plans save you money to some extent.

Can I opt out of the family mobile plan whenever I want?

Yes, it’s your choice whenever you feel like you can opt out of the family mobile plan.

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