Explore the Growing Trend of Selfie Deaths

Explore the Growing Trend of Selfie Deaths
Explore the Growing Trend of Selfie Deaths

Out of all the ways to lose your life, taking a selfie rarely comes to mind. Most people are concerned about terrorism, but a shocking amount of people are dying while taking selfies. Getting that perfect shot takes a lot of effort, & some people try way too hard. These misguided efforts to look cool on social media can lead to a horrific array of accidents, & have claimed the lives of a shocking amount of people.

When more people died taking selfies than from shark attacks in 2015, the spotlight was shone on this bizarre phenomenon. It’s a peculiar way to die, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an international problem. What’s even more shocking is that this trend continues to grow every year. As humans get more addicted to technology, they end up getting more disconnected from the real world. This makes simple tasks a potentially fatal endeavour.

We may be devolving, but it isn’t too late to educate people on the danger of selfies. To truly understand this problem, it’s essential to examine the factors. We have highlighted some of the most interesting parts of this particular social conundrum. These findings are both entertaining & troubling, so prepare to re-evaluate your faith in humanity!

Growing Trend of Selfie Deaths

More people die from selfies every year.

Back in the day, people went to great lengths to avoid danger. Now, people purposely put themselves in dangerous situations so they can get a cool pic. This bizarre transition has led to many humans becoming incompatible with the real world. By seeking out attention in any way possible, we have inadvertently become one of the dumbest species on the planet.

People have done many outrageous acts for attention throughout history, but smartphones took this to a new level. Now that everyone has instant access to a high-powered camera, they can’t wait to unveil their exploits on social media. People from all over the world can give feedback, so many people have become addicted to attention. This ability to connect has unintentionally disconnected many people from reality. It’s easy to forget about gravity when you are thinking about how many likes you will get on Instagram.

As smartphones got more powerful, they also became more affordable. Now you don’t have to be wealthy to have a great camera on your phone. This increased access ended up giving too much technology to people who weren’t ready for it. Technology is advancing rapidly, & the pace of its evolution is dwarfing most human development.

Starting Data about Selfie death

This became apparent in 2014, as the “year of the selfie” claimed dozens of lives. Over 33,000 people were injured trying to get selfies which caused the spotlight to shift. It didn’t get better over time, since the number of injuries has grown exponentially each year. Selfie deaths already claim more lives than shark attacks, which spells a grim future for humanity. If we can’t learn how to properly use technology, we are doomed to be replaced by the next best thing.

Many people fear apocalypses, but the real danger is looking at us in the mirror. The technology we have access to now will look archaic in a few years, so we need to learn how to use it properly. If we continue to fail at this simple level, it’s all downhill from here. We need to get our act together before AI technology debuts, otherwise, humanity is doomed. We have two choices: evolve mentally or risk becoming irrelevant.

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