Explore the Best Casinos in Panama

Even though most punters would be surprised, the best place to play pokies in Central America is Panama. This tropical paradise isn’t just a great place to soak up some sun, it’s a gambling oasis. Between their casinos and sports betting parlors, there’s plenty of options for punters. Over 46 legal gambling facilities operate in 11 cities throughout Panama. Even though casinos can be found in numerous places, the biggest gambling city is the capital. Panama City sports 28 gambling facilities with a combined 179 tables and 6,804 gaming machines.

With so many options to choose from, Panama is quickly becoming a punter’s paradise. From the casinos to the tropical climate, visitors are hard pressed to find a more welcoming country to test their luck. Unfortunately, having a slew of options can make finding the best casinos a taxing endeavor. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top casinos in Panama. They are the best places to play pokies, so make sure to visit them on your next trip!

Top Casinos in Panama


Try your luck at this vibrant venue!

Casino #3: Royal Casino – Out of all the casinos in Panama City, this one manages to stand out. This casino is affiliated with the Marriott, so their options easily live up to international standards. Unsurprisingly, being nestled on the first floor of the Marriott has its perks. Their décor is impressive and their staff’s hospitality is unmatched. Punters can enjoy a top notch cocktail service as they indulge in the many options on the game floor.

Even though their interior is delightfully modern, their selection of games is even more impressive. Their game floor is bursting at the seams with 30 table games that feature everything from poker to Spanish 21. For those who love pokies, they have over 400 gaming machines. This epic selection of games is unmatched, and there’s no better place to relax than at this casino!


This casino is bursting at the seams with options!

Casino #2: Majestic – When it comes to location, this casino can’t be beaten. This venue is strategically located right next to the Multicentro Shopping Center in Panama City. On top of providing great shopping options, this casino is also next door to the Radisson Hotel. With entertainment and quality lodging out of the way, punter’s can focus on the games.

When it comes to Majestic’s game floor, they hold nothing back. Their 36 table games boast a surprisingly robust amount of options. Blackjack, Canal 21, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Texas Hold’Em, Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud & Hole-card blackjack are available to guests. They use a continuous shuffler to discourage card counters. Even though their table games are impressive, their pokies machines are where the action is at. Punter’s can indulge in over 489 pokies machines. These range from exotic releases to major brands, so there’s no excuse not to get a piece of the action!


It doesn’t get better than this casino in Panama!

Casino #1: Veneto – This is the biggest casino in Panama, so it’s indispensable for any respectable punter. Their gorgeous complex is only overshadowed by its vibrant game floor. They have 56 table games that offer Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Casino Hold ‘Em & Caribbean Stud.

During weekdays from 5 to 7pm, they offer 2 to 1 for a blackjack in spades. This lowers the house edge by a shocking 0.15%, which gives the punter a 0.03% advantage. On top of being the only casino where the player can have the upper hand, they have a massive selection of pokies. Over 625 pokies machines illuminate the game floor, so there’s enough options to please anyone!