Examine the 5 Biggest Tech Blunders

5 Biggest Tech Blunders
Examine the Biggest Tech Blunders

5 biggest Tech blunders are those that flopped in the industry. There’s no denying that the recent few years have been a time of innovation, but it still had its fair share of tech blunders. From flaming phones to AI bots gone wild, last year highlighted the dangers of untamed technology.

We may have made great advancements with smartphones, but these gigantic leaps are paving the way for epic failures. As tech companies race full throttle to create the next big thing, we have to wonder if humanity is ready to embrace the consequences. In an age where technology is becoming smarter than humans, caution has officially gone out the window.

Even though the rapid progression of electronics is startling, examining last year’s blunders can help us avoid future mistakes. There is still hope that we can responsibly harness the power of the electronics being created. To accomplish this, it’s essential to look at what went wrong in these years. For this reason, we have highlighted the biggest tech blunders in this article. Prepare to laugh & get slightly worried about the future of electronics!

5 Biggest Tech Blunders

Tech Blunder #1: Microsoft’s AI Chatbot

Tech Blunders
The future of AI is getting harder to predict…

In a desperate attempt to reconnect with younger users, Microsoft inadvertently highlighted AI’s unpredictability. Microsoft vowed to reconnect with younger generations because they were losing shares to Apple. What better way to do so than with their favourite social media platform? This mentality led Microsoft to create Tay.

In many ways, Tay was a game-changer. This chatbot was powered by innovative AI technology, allowing it to learn at a lightning pace. It started with a clean slate, but it didn’t take long for it to get corrupted by Twitter. Within 24 hours the chatbot transformed from an innocent commentator to a full-fledged bigot. Before Microsoft could pull the plug Tay was making Tweets supporting Hitler & insulting multiple groups of minorities.

Even though the show didn’t last long, it validated some serious concerns about the future of AI. If a chatbot can turn into a genocide supporter in a day, what will the first AI bots do to humanity? We can only hope that they stay away from social media.

Tech Blunder #2: The Note 7

Tech blunder
Samsung’s reputation went up in smoke!

We have all heard jokes & horror stories about the Note 7. The worst part of this tragedy was the fact that this was one of the most promising smartphones of 2016. When it was first released, it was hailed as Samsung’s best work. It had great specs, a sleek design & even functional iris scanners.

It also had one small problem, they randomly caught on fire. Since all smartphones use lithium-ion batteries, every company has experienced a few isolated incidents of smouldering phones. Unfortunately, Note 7 was an exception to the rule. During the first-month hundreds of fires were caused by rogue Note 7’s. This trend led to the phone getting banned by airlines & recalled internationally. By the end of this fiasco, Samsung lost billions of dollars & its reputation remains blemished. Hopefully, the Galaxy S8 will become the tech giant’s salvation.

Tech Blunder #3: Verizon’s Yahoo Takeover

Tech blunder
Emails are more transparent with Yahoo!

Yahoo has long been seen as the pioneer of email, but now it’s known as a security risk. Last year one hack led to hundreds of millions of accounts being breached. This was a fiasco, but no one could have predicted what would happen next. Just when the scandal had calmed down, another hack led to a billion users being compromised.

This put the nail in the coffin of the public’s trust in Yahoo. It also made Verizon look extremely foolish for buying them out for billions of dollars. Verizon may have inherited a disaster, but hopefully, they can salvage this misguided investment.

Tech Blunder #4: The Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone
The Amazon Fire Phone

This technology may be stored away somewhere in your memory from way back in 2014.

The Amazon Fire Phone was an exciting innovation when it was announced back in June 2014. People loved Amazon, so the idea of this successful retail giant releasing a phone seemed great. However, the Fire Phone had a lot to live up to, and the pressure was on to make a truly impressive piece of technology.

But, it didn’t. The phone was criticized for its futile and gimmicky features, as well as the fact that it didn’t allow for the use of nearly as many apps as Android and iOS. And so, the Amazon Fire Phone soon became a thing of the past.

Tech Blunder #5: Google Glass

Google Glass
Google Glass

When the Google Glass high-tech glasses were announced back in April of 2012, many were sure that it would be a game-changer.

These motion and voice-controlled, Android-powered glasses, were designed to function as a sort of hands-free smartphone, offering access to the Internet, maps, your calendar, camera, and more.

And Google certainly established Google Glass as a high-end piece of tech with its shocking price of $1,500, considerably more expensive than even the newest iPhone at the time.

There was a lot of commotion surrounding Google Glass, with mainstream media and tech enthusiasts alike talking endlessly about the upcoming release of this new kind of technology. Even the average individual was getting excited.

However, the Google Glass inventors and designers never really specified why the Google Glass would be worth the buy. There was never any clear statement on the purpose of Google Glass, and why it would be a step above the smartphone.

Because of this functional ambiguity, Google Glass sales were disappointing, and it sort of just fell off the radar.

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