Epic Review of Hit It Rich!

When it comes to slot apps, Hit It Rich! is one of the most beloved in the industry. This is because they have managed to turn some of our favorite Hollywood hits into vibrant games. For years they have captivated the attention of gamers worldwide with their award winning gameplay. They have artfully bridged the gap between film & online gaming, paving the way for many film classics to make their debut onto our smartphones. From the Wizard of Oz to Sex and the City, they have made these classics into some of the best slot games in the industry. Take a look at our 2016 review of the infamous Hit It Rich! franchise.

Explore the Epic Gameplay of Hit It Rich!

Hit It Rich!

This starting bonus is all you need to get going!

When you start you are greeted with a 75,000 coin bonus! This is plenty to get you started, from there you can pick which game you want to play.

Hit It Rich!

Pick which game you want to play.

After receiving your bonus you are confronted with many choices. I decided to play Sex and the City since they were offering an enticing mystery gift.

Hit It Rich!

What this gift offers remains a mystery.

Unfortunately, the mystery gift was an illusion. To qualify for it you had to bet massive amounts of coins. To add insult to injury I couldn’t even bet without reaching the necessary levels first. Facing no other viable alternative I took the 1,000 coin bet & was awarded nothing.

Hit It Rich!

The gameplay is stunning.

I shook off this mild disappointment & started playing the slots. Zynga had artfully blended in the characters of the show into the gameplay. After my first spin I was awarded with 1 level up, 1,000 coins & 2 VIP points! This was a welcome surprise & I was instantly immersed in the game.

Hit It Rich!

The bonus game was wildly entertaining.

I kept spinning & was greeted with an interesting bonus game. After a witty clip from the show I was given a choice. I had to pick one of three laptops to get a bonus. After choosing one the screen came to life with another video clip. From there I was ushered into 5 different levels of beauty products. Each time I picked a product, my bonus grew. By the end of the round I had accumulated 9,700 free coins!

Hit It Rich!

Unlock more classics!

After this bold victory I was ready to hit the slots. Once I played a few minutes I was alerted to the fact that I had unlocked a new game, The Terminator!

Hit It Rich!

Watch out, this game is addictive!

Encouraged by this new win, I decided to stick with the Sex and the City game. I continued to play for over an hour. I unlocked new games, entered countless bonus rounds & was routinely awarded new coins. It was difficult to stop with this steady stream of entertainment!


If you like revisiting classic movies & TV shows, Hit It Rich! is going to be your new favorite! They gracefully intertwine video clips, character quotes & epic bonus rounds into their games. You will constantly be reminded why you loved these films while simultaneously developing a new romance, Zynga games. This developer has once again won over our hearts by bringing our favorite films back to life with these delightful games. Do yourself a favor & download Hit It Rich!