Enjoy These iOS Games That Are Totally Free!

The App Store is full of surprises, many of them being quality games that are free. It’s no secret that 2016 brought us a slew of new releases. There were plenty of top notch games that brought smartphone gaming to a new level. Unfortunately, people love to focus on the games that come with a hefty price tag. In these hectic times, spending a lot of money on games is far from a good investment. We all have responsibilities that supersede gaming, so it’s good to focus on what’s really important.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up gaming to salvage your budget. There are plenty of free iOS games that will fill the void. Now that smartphone apps are evolving at an alarming pace, developers can afford to provide us with viable options for free. This year a slew of games was gifted to us, all we need to do is discover them. For this reason we have compiled a list of the best free iOS games on the market. Prepare to save money with a more prudent way of gaming!

Best Free iOS Games of 2016

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This zombie game has an interesting twist!

iOS Game #1: Mission Z – Unlike most zombie apocalypse games, this game forces you to rely on your problem solving skills. Instead of picking up a shotgun & blowing zombie brains across the screen, this game makes you think. The element of survival still exists, but instead of pulling a trigger you need to solve neon puzzles. Each time you are confronted with a flesh eating zombie, a series of puzzles show up. From there the race is on.

All you have to do is solve the puzzle to take out the zombie. Each time you make a correct combination, damage is done to the zombie. In the end, the quickest witted survive. This game does a great job of honing your problem solving skills while under stress.

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Take on a slew of island monsters!

iOS Game #2: Monster Raid – If you like Pokémon, you will fall head over heels for this game. This app puts you in the middle of cluster of islands. While it may look like paradise, each island is infested with monsters. Out of the 350 monsters, some are malevolent while other will win you over. Regardless of first impressions, it’s your job to to capture & train them. The more they train, the higher they evolve.

As you build up your team you can take on monster in different islands. Be prepared to face off against powerful bosses with staggering amounts of minions. Even though this is eerily similar to Pokémon, this game still gives a fresh twist to this Japanese fantasy. Start training & take on the monsters!

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The 80’s pinball craze is back!

iOS Game #3: Retro Shot – Prepare to be blasted back into the 80’s with this delightfully retro game! Neon colors & nostalgic 80’s music bring this pinball/golf fusion to life. In this game you have to blast your balls into the goals. However, there are a myriad of obstacles in your path. You can collect coins to open up gates, hit switches & solve puzzles on your journey to the leaderboards. Prepare to tackle this vibrant series of challenges!