Treat Yourself to the Oddest Pokies Themes Online

Treat Yourself to the Oddest Pokies Themes Online
Treat Yourself to the Oddest Pokies Themes Online

Oddest pokies themes online pokies continue to dominate both land based and online casinos, the number of different themes is exploding. Over the years, these once clunky machines have taken the casino industry by storm. Land-based casinos around the world generate 70 to 80 per cent of their revenue from this niche alone. Let’s find out the oddest pokies themes.

These machines are in high demand, which has flooded casinos around the world with over 1.08 million pokies machines. Even though a majority of these options are located in Australia, pokies have managed to transcend barriers around the world. From Japan to the UK, there’s no shortage of pokies options for punters to choose from.

This trend isn’t unique, as it has been through an impressive transition online. Today land-based pokies providers are constantly having a never-ending amount of online releases. Every year more pokies options are available, and this wave of new releases provides a staggering amount of choices. While many of these games revolve around popular TV shows, themes and movies, some deviate completely from tradition. Instead of catering to the masses, the oddest pokies themes decided to break the mould. By boasting some truly peculiar features, these releases defy everything we know about pokies.

To highlight how outrageous pokies can be, we compiled a list of the oddest pokies themes online. Through hilarious storylines and outlandish characters, these games celebrate a rare sense of individuality. By refusing to conform to expectations, they are a special treat in an industry that’s become surprisingly predictable. Their novelty can’t be ignored, so discover which pokies’ themes steal the show with their bizarre antics!

Oddest Pokies Themes Online

Pokies Theme #3: Rudolph’s Revenge

Oddest Pokies Themes
Discover what happens when the reindeer rebel…

This devious game from RTG uncovers the dark side of the North Pole. While most people envision Santa’s workshop as a happy place, this stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. In this world, the reindeer rebel from their inhumane working conditions and raise hell. From tying up elves to kidnapping Santa, the reindeer unleash enough mayhem to make anyone second guess their true intentions. 

To make matters even more alarming, a nuclear bomb with a festive message is about to detonate. On top of marking the end of civilization as we know it, this countdown has the potential to unleash a truly impressive payout. On top of the main jackpot, this game is filled with wilds and free spins. RTG went the extra mile to fill all 50 pay lines with as many surprises as possible. It isn’t often that reindeer go rogue, so get a dose of delightfully entertaining chaos!

Pokies Theme #2: Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica

Oddest Pokies Themes
This game takes punters on an intergalactic trip to the strip club!

Even though this game was produced by Microgaming, its storyline is out of this world. Hailing from the company’s infamous line of raunchy Sneak a Peak releases, Planet Exotica manages to up the ante. While the first game of the series focused on sultry nurses and the second showcased Hunky Heroes, this game goes intergalactic. Users are immersed in a different world where alien strippers grace 15 pay lines. The theme is just as bizarre as its sounds, so don’t hesitate to lose your grip on reality by indulging in this outlandish game!

Pokies Theme #1: Sharknado

Oddest Pokies Themes
This game manages to capture the rebellious spirit of this peculiar film.

Based on one of the most ridiculous films of all time, this game is an instant classic. By combining the movie cast with vibrant graphics, developer Pariplay managed to effortlessly transition this infamous B-Movie to the reels. Its delightfully odd theme revolves around a school of sharks that get caught up in a tornado. By dropping nukes from helicopters, familiar faces from Tara Reid to Cassie Scerbo fight to save mankind. 

These 25 pay lines are packed to the brim with free spins and bonus rounds. Just like the movie, this game is so outrageous that it’s impossible not to love. Aside from the novelty of the storyline, its 95.95% RTP is a generous reason to dive into the madness. There are plenty of ways to win, so don’t miss the showdown of a lifetime!

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