EA Mobile Monopoly Games


Today we have something extremely special to announce. Electronic Arts, also known as EA have joined forces with Hasbro Inc to develop a new group of mobile games for all to enjoy. What makes this so special is the fact that EA games, the big named company that develops titles such as FIFA 13, is the driving force being the games development.

Monopoly Mobile Games

In total Electronic Arts is developing two new Monopoly themed games for all to enjoy. These two games will be available on Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, also Android devices and Kindle Fire tablets too. This means that most people will get to enjoy the fun and frolics of these great games.

One of the two games is going to be a big pokie game called Monopoly Slots. Given most of us here at Pokies Mobile love the pokies, this is certainly going to be much enjoyed by us. We are definitely enticed by this game and know you will enjoy it too.

The second Monopoly game is called Monopoly Bingo and with bingo games becoming more and more enjoyed by the masses, this is another coup by EA as we are sure it’s going to be a massive hit.

EA Statement about the new game:

“We’ve taken two of the most-time tested game mechanics—bingo and slots—and paired them with MONOPOLY, the world’s favorite game brand, to create two unique mobile experiences that will give fans a simple and easy way to collect their favorite properties, tokens and other aspects of the MONOPOLY world they’ve come to love over the years,”

“Gamers will feel right at home with these MONOPOLY titles. Big risk and huge rewards await them as they build property empires, collect tokens, and spin and bingo their way through the MONOPOLY world we all know and love.”