Dyson 360 Eye is Revolutionizing Robotic Vacuums

360 Eye

Dyson has successfully created the best robotic vacuum on the market.

Vacuum giant Dyson has outdone itself by creating the best robotic vacuum on the market. The Dyson 360 Eye delivers everything you want in a robotic vacuum & more. Unfortunately quality comes at a price. This innovative design is retailing over $500 more than some of its competitors, but critics say that it’s worth it. This new model harnesses the power of Dyson’s cyclone technology to give your carpet the ultimate cleaning. Even though its been hailed as the best, you will have to do some research to see if this hefty investment is for you.

The 360 Eye is Shaking Up the Industry

360 Eye

This vacuum is the perfect sidekick.

All good things take their fair share of time to create, & the 360 Eye was no exception. Dyson embarked on this project when they hired Mike Aldred to design their first robotic vacuum in 1998. However, their strict requirements made this an extremely daunting task. They demanded that it be a vacuum cleaner first, & then a robot. This made the specifications significantly different than a robot that simply had a vacuum function. To achieve this, they had to miniaturize their patented cyclone technology & add a 360 degree camera. In the end it took Mike 18 years to create a prototype that lived up to their laundry list of expectations. But in the end it helped him build a superior product.

Using Cyclone technology on the 360 Eye proved to be a blessing & a curse. Cyclone technology provides exceptional cleaning, but it loses effectiveness in a short design. This forced Dyson to create a robotic vacuum that’s slightly taller than its competitors. The 360 Eye stands 4.72 inches tall, a serious difference from the 3.6-inch-tall Roomba 980. However, what it grew in height it lost in girth. Dyson’s vacuum clocks in at a 9-inch diameter, which makes it exceptionally narrower than the 14-inch-wide Roomba.

Even though the strong cyclone cleaning drains the battery, it quickly bounces back with fast charging. On average the 360 Eye goes 45 minutes before it returns to its charging station. Even though its competition usually lasts for 2 hours, Dyson’s short charging time makes up for it. In our tests all the robotic vacuum brands took the same amount of time to completely clean a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment.


360 Eye

The 360 Eye is the perfect combo of quality cleaning & durability.

Where the Dyson 360 Eye truly shines is with the quality of its cleaning. It does an impeccable job of covering the corners & edges of walls that the Roomba usually misses. Its powerful double air filter & cyclone bin leaves behind far less fine grit than any other robotic vacuum. It can go an entire cleaning session with multiple recharges before you have to empty the bin. The only downside to this explosive cleaning power is the extra height needed to fit the technology. The Dyson 360 Eye’s height excludes it from being able to fit under low hanging furniture. Apart from that it does an amazing job of creating a pristine carpet.

Another advantage of the 360 Eye is its 360-degree camera. It’s constantly recording a circular video of its surroundings. This info is then used to create a map of your home, where it triangulates its location like a sailor. Dyson chose this optical sensor over laser systems to open up doors to new updates. They expect computer vision to dramatically improve in the next few years. By going with this option they are allowing people to update their cameras through simple software updates.

The 360 Eye features all the high end qualities that make Dyson the king of the industry. It gives you a superior cleaning experience with an incredibly smart robot. The only sticking point for some will be the price. At $999.99 the 360 Eye is $100 more than the Roomba 980, & $500 more than the Neato Botvac. But if you don’t have an excessive amount of low furniture the cleaning of the 360 Eye can’t be beaten. It will be exciting to see where this groundbreaking release takes Dyson. Hopefully we wont have to endure decades of suspense to see the next model.