Download the Best Aussie Apps

A slew of new apps are released every year, & some of the best ones come from Aussie developers. They may not be adored internationally, but they have a firm place in smartphones across Australia. Even though these apps may fly under the radar, they are something everyone down under should download. They are custom made to make life in Australia easier, which makes them appealing to anyone living on the go.

Some of the best apps come from Indie roots, & Aussie apps are no exception. In the last 8 years, the number of Australian apps has expanded exponentially. Right now, hundreds of locally produced apps are taking the App Store by storm. These came from humble roots, but over time they generated a huge buzz. Out of all the new releases, a few have stolen the show. These daring apps deserve to be showcased, so we decided to highlight them in this article. Prepare to be united with your next favorite app!

Best Aussie Apps of 2017

Aussie Apps

Late night rendezvous have never been this simple!

App #3: Clipp – Paying your tabs at the bar used to be chaos, until this app came along. Since identity theft is on the rise, everyone knows the dangers of placing your credit card behind the bar. For this reason, a new late-night payment option became essential. Thanks to Clipp, things have changed drastically for partygoers.

By harnessing the versatility of PayPal, Clipp delivers instant payments. All users have to do is flash their phone to the bar staff & add drinks to their tab. From there they can close their tab with a simple tap before they leave. A receipt is emailed to the user immediately, & reward points are earned with each purchase.

Over time the app has evolved to the user’s demands. Now patrons can easily split bills, which is great when going out in groups. To make things even more enticing, Clipp now offers last-minute deals. This lets users save up to 40% off their bills, just by bar-hopping around the city. It’s accepted in over 650 bars & restaurants across Australia, so there’s no excuse not to use it!

Aussie Apps

Get anything done with this app!

App #2: Airtasker – Sooner or later, there’s a time where we need an extra hand. From menial tasks like doing laundry to getting groceries, Airtasker has you covered. They connect users to people who can get any odd job done for a small fee. On top of making your life easier, it’s also a great opportunity to make some extra cash. So if you have nothing but extra time, this app can put you to work. Download the app to access a whole new world of opportunities!

Aussie Apps

Create a captivating graphic!

App #1: Canva – Created by Melanie Perkins, this is by far the most popular app from Australia. Over the last 3 years, it has transformed into one of the most downloaded design apps in the world. They have already accumulated a whopping 8 million downloads. This success has been fueled by its winning formula. Canva offers users simple ways to make surprisingly sophisticated graphics. From business cards to posters, Canva has you covered!