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Do you own and use Amaysim for your phone devices? Amaysim is Australia’s low cost mobile provider dedicated to delivering simplicity, fairness and low prices.

Founded in November 2010 in Australia by a team of Australian and European entrepreneurs, Amaysim has a plan for most Australians giving the best value to mobile customers. Supported by a high quality, 100% Australian customer service centre and a state-of-the-art consumer website, Amaysim is delivered over the Optus 3G Mobile network. It is distributed via and an Australia-wide third party retail network and hundreds of independent mobile phone outlets.

All Amaysim mobile and data plans are powered by the Optus Mobile Network, which covers 98.5% of the Aussie population. You get all of the coverage benefits of being with Optus where download speeds on Amaysim are limited to 42Mbps. Amaysim customers should expect downloads speeds of between 6Mbps – 10Mbps, depending on whether you use your phone in dense metro areas or regional parts of the country.

Mobile Amaysim Plans

AmaySim Plans

Amaysim Unlimited and Flexi Plans

Amaysim Unlimited plan offers unlimited standard talk, text and MMS, unlimited voicemail access and unlimited social networking to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Myspace and eBay, plus a huge data allowance all within Australia. Amaysim UNLIMITED has no lock-in contracts and is designed with simple and easy to understand terms with no hidden costs. There are three plans under this category:

Umlimited 7GB- You pay $54.90 renewed at every 30 days
Unlimited 5GB- You pay $44.90 renewed at every 30 days
Unlimted Text 2GB- You pay $29.90 renewed at every 30 days
Under Flexi Plans there are two categories:


With FLEXI you get $19.90 credit every 30 days to use any way you like. For example, make up to 220 minutes worth of calls or send over 200 texts. You can also use your credit on other stuff like Data Packs, international calls or 13 and 18 numbers.

As You Go

As You go is a budget plan for mobile. With great prices and no lock-in contracts,

Amaysim Data Plans

The Data Plans available are of 1 GB ; 2.5 GB; 4GB and 10 GB Data Plan

Data Plan

Amaysim 4G Plans

Amaysim is now offering 4G access on its plans. Amaysim would shifting its plans from 3G to 4G  but would come with a number of changes, especially for customers on the popular Unlimited plan. Whether those changes are welcome will largely depend on whether you’re already in a 4G reception area and how you utilise data.

The 4G Change

All the no-contract plans that Amaysim offers — the fully prepaid As You Go for casual users, the $19.90 per month Flexi for light users and the $44.90 Unlimited for heavy users — will be switching from Optus’ 3G network to 4G. In the case of As You Go and Flexi, the only real change is an increase in the per-MB rate for data usage, which goes up from 5 cents to 7.2 cents. But that rise does come with a benefit: usage is now calculated with per kilobyte (KB) rounding, rather than per MB rounding. That means your overall data usage may well be lower, since individual polling by, for example, your email, now won’t automatically be rounded up to the nearest megabyte.

Unlimited has a more significant change. While it continues to include unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers, the amount of data being included on the $44.90 per month prepaid plan has dropped from 5GB to 4GB.

If you’d prefer to hang onto your 5GB inclusion and you’re an existing Unlimited customer, you can elect to stay on your existing plan, and you won’t be switched onto the new Unlimited plan unless you specifically request it, and you’ll keep your 5GB allowance. However, you’ll also stay on the 3G network, rather than being shifted to 4G, and your usage will continue to be rounded to the nearest MB.

Whether that switch is good value for you will depend on individual circumstances. If your home address is in a 3G-only area, the incentive to switch will be minimal. If you can get 4G, the improvement could be worth it — but if you’re regularly coming close to 5GB a month, you won’t want to switch without careful checking.

If you’re sure you’ll want more data regardless, there will also be an Unlimited plan with 6GB of data for $54.90 per month. That’s cheaper than using the existing 1GB add-on, which costs $10. For customers who run out close to the end of the month and want extra data occasionally without paying for a full GB that might not be used, there will also be the option to add 300MB for $4.90.

The SIM-only mobile service provider is now offering a 4G service via the Optus 4G Plus network, as well as a new range of plans — including 6GB of data for AU$55 a month.

How to Recharge Amaysim Plan

Whatever Amaysim plan you’re on, you can choose to pay upfront (‘Prepaid’) or receive a bill after your monthly use ( ‘Postpaid’). The same rates apply no matter which option you choose.
If you choose Prepaid (with the exception of AS YOU GO) your plan will be set to auto-renew every 30 days by debiting your card, unless you tell us otherwise.

You can recharge with Your Credit Card or Direct Debit account. You can set up you credit or debit card as your preferred payment method to ‘My Amaysim’. To recharge with your credit or debit card, choose one of the Four Options available as shown in picture below.


You can recharge using a voucher. You can buy a voucher at over 22,500 retail shops, just choose your voucher amount ($10, $15, $19.90, $20, $30, $44.90, $50 & $100) and redeem your voucher using one of the four easy options as shown below.

Voucher recharge

Your credit expires on which Amaysim plan you choose:

  • AS YOU GO Prepaid credit lasts for 90 days
  • FLEXI lasts for 30 days
  • All UNLIMITED plans last for 30 days
  • amaysim MOBILE BROADBAND – 1GB, 2.5GB and 4GB Data Packs last for 30 days – 10GB Data Pack lasts for 365 days

Size of Amaysim Available

Amaysim SIM is available in three sizes: Mini, Micro, and Nano, just make sure you choose the right size for you phone/device.

  • Mini (2FF); iPhone 3 OR 3S
  • Micro (3FF); iPhone 4 OR 4S
  • Nano (4FF); iPhone 5

When you buy an amaysim SIM card online or pick one up in-store, by default you’ll get  Dual-punch SIM Cards.
Dual-punch SIM Cards are SIM cards that feature a punch out Micro SIM Card in their centre. So if your mobile phone uses either a SIM Card or Micro SIM Card Dual-punch SIM Card will be a perfect fit.


If your mobile phone needs a ‘regular’ SIM card, an amaysim Dual-punch SIM card will most likely slot in it perfectly. Unfortunately, Dual-punch SIM Card doesn’t work in all phones. If you have a Nokia E7, Nokia N8 or Samsung Omnia you will use other amaysim SIM


The majority of newer mobile phones and smartphones use Micro SIM Cards. A Micro SIM Card is a smaller version of a SIM card. Some popular mobile phones that use micro SIM Cards include the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy S5.


The iPhone 5 (including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C), the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, the iPad Mini and Air, the HTC One (M8) and the Sony Xperia Z3 all require a Nano SIM Card. This is a newer type of SIM Card that’s smaller than both SIM Cards and a Micro Sim Cards.

Getting Amaysim SIM

Amaysim SIM packs are available at or from retail outlets including 7-Eleven, Harvey Norman, Woolworths Petrol, Caltex, Newslink, 7-Eleven, Harvey Norman, Woolworths, Dick Smith, Myer, Coles Express, Franklins, Caltex, Coles, Australia Post and many more.

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