Discover Why the LG G6 is Changing the Game

LG stole the show at the Mobile World Congress with the debut of the LG G6. This fresh attention in Spain is crucial for the company, since they are still recovering from last year’s losses. The LG G5 failed miserably, causing LG to lose almost $400 million in the third quarter of 2016. Now that the dust has settled, LG is poised to make a much needed comeback.

They completely scrapped last year’s features, & the G6 has come a long way. Instead of sporting a removable battery, the G6 features an innovative design. The phone is noticeably taller, which gives it an edge in a market where most smartphones look exactly the same. This new flagship phone boasts all the quality features of its competitors, as well as IP68 water resistance. The only questionable feature is LG’s choice to use an outdated SoC. Even though this is a minor complaint, it could hinder LG’s comeback.

Take a Closer Look at the LG G6


This taller screen will undoubtedly lead to more models adopting this design.

Hands down the most impressive part of the LG G6 is its design. Even though the phone is the usual height of most 5-inch phones, it manages to stand out from the pack. The phone makes excellent use of slimline bezels, which make room for a taller screen. In total this innovative feature provides a screen aspect ratio of 2:1. This is noticeably taller than the competition, which gives users more room to scroll with. It still remains skinny, so it doesn’t feel like a phablet. However, this new screen is definitely a game changer.

The taller screen isn’t the only tweak LG made to the G6’s body. The corners of the display are rounded, which give the phone’s corners a seductive allure. All in all, this design is fantastic. While making a phone wider has little advantages, augmenting the height opens up doors to plenty of options. Anyone buying the LG G6 will attribute their purchase to its looks. In terms of aesthetics, the G6 easily leaves the iPhone 7 in the dust.

This is no small feat for an Android phone, but the design is far from perfect. While LG went to great lengths to not repeat the same mistakes of the G5, there’s still one big oversight. Instead of switching to an all metal body, the G6 only sports metal on the inside. This leaves it with a backing made of Gorilla Glass that’s treated with a rubbery coating. While it makes it harder to drop, it creates a delicate phone that can smash at any moment. On the positive note, the glass back allows wireless charging.


It may lack fast charging, but this phone has plenty of redeeming features.

Even though LG’s refusal to switch to an all metal body is perplexing, another blunder steals the show. This year is set to be the era where all flagships switch to a Snapdragon 835 SoC, but LG didn’t get the memo. For some bizarre reason, they decided to stick with a Snapdragon 321. This SoC may have been passable in 2016, but now it’s a shocking difference that puts LG out of the race.

The only way LG can make up for this failure is to price the G6 competitively. Since it sports last year’s SoC, there’s no way that it can compete with the Galaxy S8 or new iPhone. Their only hope is to provide this flagship at a price no one can refuse. With dual 13 MP cameras, this is still a quality phone. It just doesn’t have the awe-inspiring features that warrant a hefty price tag. There’s still no set price, so hopefully LG thinks carefully before trying to compete with the big dogs.