Discover Which Casinos Have the Most Pokies Machines

Even though Australia’s love for pokies is unmatched, none of the casinos with the most machines are within its borders. This is an interesting anomaly, since Australia has the highest rate of pokies machines per person in the world. Over 196,900 pokies machines operate throughout the country, which equates to one machine for every 114 people. The average machine rakes in $56,000 a year, with some exceeding $200,000. This equates to Aussie punters spending over $11 billion on pokies and the government collecting $3.2 billion in taxes.

Despite this booming industry, all of the casinos with the most pokies machines are located outside Australia. When examining where the most pokies machines are offered, most punters would be surprised. All three of the top casinos in the world for pokies machines are located in America. Thanks to these larger than life casinos, gambling in America is a novel experience. From multiple game floors to A-list entertainment, these casinos are so massive that their economies rival many cities.

The true joy of gambling is the environment, which makes visiting quality casinos indispensable. To guide our readers to the best options, we compiled a list of casinos with the most pokies machines. With options that run into the thousands, their epic selections can’t be found anywhere else in the world. There’s no better place to play pokies, so don’t miss these casinos during your next trip to America!

Casinos with the Most Pokies Machines

Pokies Machines

This iconic raceway boasts a staggering amount of pokies options.

Casino #3: Empire City Casino (5,000 machines) – Before it expanded into a casino, Yonkers Raceway dominated horse racing in New York. Established in 1899, this iconic racetrack pioneered thoroughbred racing. Famous horses such as Seabiscuit made their debut on this historic track. Even though this raceway is still operating today, its casino has stolen the show. The property has three restaurants & two bars, which provides enough options to keep players satiated. Their 120,000 square foot gaming space boasts over 5,000 machines. These range from pokies to poker, so there’s no shortage of options!

Pokies Machines

This sprawling entertainment complex boasts 3 casinos.

Casino #2: Mohegan Sun (5,072 machines) – This Native American casino is nestled in Uncasville, Connecticut. Even though the town is relatively unknown, this luxurious casino attracts affluent visitors from around the world. When visiting the Mohegan Sun, it’s easy to get distracted by their robust amount of entertainment options. Their complex has two spas, three entertainment venues, retail shopping, a 55 ft. indoor waterfall & the world’s biggest indoor planetarium. Visitors can also visit 38 restaurants, 7 bars, 1 golf course & two hotel towers with 1,600 rooms.

While their entertainment options are overwhelming, the real attractions are their three world-class casinos. In total they offer 350,000 square feet of gaming space that’s packed to the brim with options. Punters get to pick between 5,072 pokies machines and 350 table/poker games. This casino is so large that it’s on another level, so come enjoy their extensive selection!

Pokies Machines

Oklahoma stole the show with this huge casino.

Casino #1: WinStar World Casino & Resort (7,495 Machines) – When visiting Thackerville, Oklahoma, tourists are confronted with a truly unique venue. Most punters wouldn’t imagine that the world’s largest casino is tucked away in Oklahoma. This often neglected state is taking the gaming industry by storm with this gigantic casino.

The WinStar World Casino & Resort has an enormous 616,960 square-foot gaming space, and the main focus is on pokies. This casino is home to over 7,495 pokies machines and 145 table games. There are also 20 restaurants, 2 golf courses, 4 hotels, a convention center and spa. The income from this enormous casino helps provide services for the Chickasaw nation, which provides an added incentive to visit!

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