Discover the Best Smartphones

Even though this year has been extremely controversial, it has brought us a slew of new smartphones. We are now experiencing the golden era of smartphones. The technology is advancing at shocking rates, with flawless cameras & waterproof designs becoming the norm. This is an exciting time for the consumer, since having a top notch smartphone is becoming more affordable by the day. As this new era of innovation continues, we can expect smartphones to continue to evolve at a lightning pace.

Since we have been blessed with so many new smartphones, finding the right one can be tough. There are countless contenders vying for recognition with new models. These heroic debuts ranged from catastrophic to extremely enticing. All this fresh competition has shown that Apple isn’t the only manufacturer that can produce quality phones. We decided to compile a list of the best smartphones of 2016. Prepare to be introduced to your next sidekick!

Best Smartphones of 2016

Best Smartphones

This phone is worth the huge price tag.

Smartphone #3: iPhone 7 Plus – Even though this release was steeped in controversy, it’s still one of the best smartphones on the market. Yes, it doesn’t have the outdated headphone jack. So you will have to get with the times & use wireless earbuds. Another harsh reality is the fact that it is very expensive. But if your pockets are deep enough to embrace progress than this phone can’t be beaten. It features the same waterproof features as its competition, as well as a few notable improvements.

The phone’s dual rear cameras harness the raw power of 12 MP, while the front camera sports an impressive 7 MP. The battery is also expanded to 2900mAh, which gives you plenty of power to make it through the day. The only drawback is if you already own an iPhone 6s. The small amount of improvements between the two doesn’t warrant such a hefty investment.

Best Smartphones

Google made an extremely impressive debut!

Smartphone #2: Google Pixel – If you are looking for a quality Android phone to rally behind, this is it. Google went to great lengths to prove that they are the masterminds behind Android. For too long Android phones have tripped over their own capabilities & conflicting software. Google managed to unite everything we love about Androids with this flagship phone. This phone’s unmatched performance is sending a harsh message other Android producers: Step up your game or get ran over by the competition.

On top of boasting silky smooth performance, the camera doesn’t disappoint. Clocking in at 12 MP, this camera is shockingly advanced for being featured on Google’s first smartphone. The only places where this phone falls down is with its mediocre battery life & steep price. All things considered, Google still hit a home run with this tantalizing debut.

Best Smartphones

This smartphone stole the show in 2016!

Smartphone #1: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Forget the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung still provided us with remarkable phones in 2016. The Galaxy S7 was a game-changer, & the only phone that managed to beat it was the Galaxy S7 Edge. Apparently Samsung listened to customer complaints about the lack of new features in the Galaxy S6 Edge. This time around they packed enough improvements that no one can negate its charm. This phone is the perfect blend of ingenuity, quality & value.

The Galaxy S7 Edge boasts a laundry list of cool features that made it our favorite. It has improved battery life, a waterproof case, & a killer camera. All these epic features are housed in one of the most seductive designs ever made. Its curved glass screen gives us a preview of the future of smartphones. They are also lowering the price so you can get this milestone for less than a basic iPhone. Try it out for yourself, there’s literally nothing bad to say about this release!