How to Deposit Cash Directly into your PayPal Account with Coinbase App?

How to Deposit Cash Directly into your PayPal Account with Coinbase App?
How to Deposit Cash Directly into your PayPal Account with Coinbase App?

As most of the online casinos have started accepting Bitcoins to play real money pokies games Coinbase is one such wallet to store, buy, use or exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in Australia. With the Coinbase app, you can now easily withdraw cash and deposit it into your bank account within minutes.

Deposit cash directly into your PayPal account

As still few online casinos offer PayPal as one of the deposit modes for players to fund their casino account to play pokies with real money, you can easily deposit cash directly into your PayPal account  with the Coinbase app. This allows you to take advantage of PayPal’s Instant Transfer feature using your linked debit card to instantly receive your cash for a fee of $0.25, which is much faster than transferring from Coinbase to your bank account.

Note that you can’t purchase Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC) using PayPal as a funding source. Hopefully, this will change in the future, but for now, PayPal is still a great way to get cash fast after selling cryptocurrency in Coinbase.

How to add your PayPal Account with Coinbase App

Coinbase app

First, download the Coinbase app from the iTunes store for iPhone and from the Google Play store for your Android mobile all free.

Adding PayPal to your Coinbase account can only be done through the Coinbase website. So open your mobile browser be it safari or Chrome on either your smartphone or mobile, then head over to Coinbase and log into your account. Once you’ve gained access to your account, head to “Settings” near the top of the page.

Coinbase mobile app
Coinbase mobile app

Inside settings, select “Linked Accounts” from the top of the overview tab, then hit the blue “Link a New Account” button to proceed.

Coinbase mobile app settings
Coinbase mobile app- Settings

Now, select “PayPal” from the list of account options that pop up. Doing this will redirect you to a PayPal login page, so enter your credentials to gain access to your PayPal account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page to grant Coinbase access for money transfers — select “Agree” to link your two accounts together.

Coinbase mobile app- Settings
Coinbase mobile app- Settings

With your PayPal account successfully linked, return to Coinbase if you weren’t automatically transferred. You’ll now be able to deposit proceeds from Coinbase cryptocurrency sales into your PayPal account. As with other transfers, there are fees imposed when using PayPal on Coinbase, so make sure you’re aware of those before selling any cryptocurrency.

Coinbase mobile app- Settings- Add paypal account
Coinbase mobile app- Settings- Add paypal account

From there, if you want to move money from your PayPal account into your real-world bank account within minutes, simply follow PayPal’s instructions. With PayPal’s Instant Transfer feature your funds will be available in most banks within 30 minutes but note that a $0.25 fee applies to each transaction.

How to remove your PayPal account from Coinbase App?

Removing PayPal as an option for deposits is a lot easier than adding it on, and can be done within your Coinbase wallet app. To do so, start by tapping “Settings” on the bottom of your screen, then select “Linked Accounts” within the main settings page.

From there, simply tap on the “Remove” button next to your PayPal account, then tap on “Remove” on the confirmation box that pops up in the middle if you’re using an iPhone or along the bottom if you have an Android.

Remove PayPal Account
Coinbase mobile app- Settings- Remove PayPal account

Best features of the Coinbase App

Coinbase app offers lots of features:

Coinbase app features
Coinbase mobile app- Settings- Remove paypal account
  • You can easily send or receive Bitcoins to online casinos to play pokies game
  • Check your account or scan QR codes or send bitcoin, ether, and litecoin via email, QR code
  • As a digital currency wallet, you can store Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin securely all for free.
  • Instantly buy and sell Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin using a combination of bank accounts, PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.
  • Send money to friends or shop with merchants who accept Bitcoin.
  • Track Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin prices anywhere with Bitcoin price charts, Bitcoin price ticker, and price alerts.
  • Check balance, transaction history and transaction details for all your accounts at a glance.
  • Get Bank level security means your bitcoins, ether, and litecoin are safe.
  • Also, set a passcode to protect the app.
  • Remotely disable your phone’s access if it is lost or stolen

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