Delivering High Stakes Gambling Into The Mobile World

Horse betting has been an Australian tradition since time immemorial. Bookies have been privy to billions of dollars on betting and none more so than Tom Waterhouse, who has held over $20 million over just the four days of the Melbourne Cup in the past.

tom waterhouse mobiles

Tom Waterhouse has pushed the envelope on bookmaking, even introducing an online website and mobile app for horse race enthusiasts to extend his reach across the country. With a name that is synonymous with the horse racing betting industry, the new mobile app from Tom Waterhouse gives client’s access to the best odds in horse racing across Australia in the palm of their hand. Is it any wonder then than gambling on horse races has become a billion-dollar industry?

Such is the success of Tom Waterhouse’s pioneering mobile app that perhaps other gambling magnates like James Packer may soon follow suit – especially when he’s setting his sights on luring international high rollers away from South East Asia’s gambling resorts.

Already backing a taxi booking app, James Packer is not new to the world of mobile app technology. Conceivably he might want to consider this accompanying feature to attract locals and tourists to his Crown casinos, especially if he wants the yet-to-be-launched waterfront Crown Casino in Sydney to directly compete with the majestic The Star Casino that has already made its mark on Sydney’s public.

Now that Packer has received approval for the casino license and location at Barangaroo, it remains to be seen how well he is able to create an attractive proposition for the Asian and international high rollers. Is mobile the only technology? Imaginably not, but it is a strong proposition that can propel him to reach out to more gamblers who are willing to play the higher staked games.

Packer’s company has a 33.6% stake in the Melco Crown joint venture in Macau, but market conditions have been weakening. The casinos in Perth and Melbourne have also failed to wave off poor consumer sentiment. Moreover, a few lucky streaks among high rollers meant that more money poured out of the casinos than expected. These setbacks may drive the company downwards.

The time has come for Packer, who has always been recognised for his pioneering vision of Internet companies (SEEK and CarSales come to mind) to consider a new avenue of leapfrogging consumer sentiment upwards to stay on the path towards unparalleled triumphs. Perhaps that answer lies with simple mobile app technology to make positive changes towards the sustained success of the casino gambling industry in Australia’s burgeoning cities.