CommBank Apps-Swipe Your E Wallet

Comm Bank
Do you know the one of the leading financial provider of Australia who has won the best App awards of the year 2014-15- The Money Magazine’s Best Innovative Banking App for the year 2015 and Canstar innovation excellence winner 2014.

Yes, here to mention is the Common wealth bank also known as CommBank which provides monetary services and products like retail, premium, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and share-broking to 1.9 mobile banking users.

Nowadays as mobile banking is the trend of all the financial transactions and dealings, banking Apps are a necessity where one can have a secure easy to access banking on the move.  You can check your account balances, transfer your funds, pay to any of your business client or friend by just entering their mobile number or email address, make contactless payments with your phone and get cash from an ATM using just the app. All this and much more in the CommBank App.

CommBank App Features

App feature

  • You can set a 4-digit PIN for faster log on
  • Quickly check your balance with a simple swipe
  • Pay anyone, with their mobile number, email address, account or BPAY details
  • Transfer between your accounts instantly
  • Schedule payments and transfers and see what future transactions are coming up
  • Send money overseas via IMT
  • Set payment locks to control how your credit card gets used
  • Activate new cards or change your card PIN
  • Lock and cancel missing credit cards or replace a damaged card
  • Withdraw up to $500 cash without your card at most CommBank ATMs by tapping Cardless Cash
  • Make contactless purchases wherever MasterCard® PayPass™ is accepted using a CommBank PayTag
  • Find your nearest CommBank or Bankwest ATM or branch
  • Use CommBank app on your Apple watch to check account balances, find your nearest ATM or make Cardless Cash withdrawals.

What you require to get access to CommBank App

  • You need to have an Australian mobile number
  • Use NetBanking
  • Register for NetCode SMS.
  • To register yourself visit

Where to Get this App

  • You can get this free App from the iTunes or Google Play Store
  • CommBank App is compatible with iPhones operating iOS 7 and above and Android Smartphones

Few Things to Note

  • Recipients of payments via mobile, Facebook and email need an Australian bank account to claim.
  • Subject to network provider coverage other conditions and fees apply.
  • One-off purchase price of $2.99 applies for the PayTag.
  • To use CommBank app on your Apple watch, the paired iPhone must be operating iOS 8.2 or above.
  • The CommBank app is covered by 100% Security Guarantee, which means you will be covered for any loss should someone make an unauthorised transaction on your account using the app, provided you protect your phone and PIN and immediately notify Common wealth bank of your loss, theft or misuse, and of any suspicious activity on your accounts.
  • If you opt for CommBank app Push notifications alert you will receive important banking or product information, including NetCode Notifications, payments received, changes in your account balance or personal offers.
  • CommBank app NetCode Notifications sends you a one-time security code whenever you make certain transactions types in NetBank. Delivery via the CommBank app means you can now receive your NetCode when you’re overseas without roaming but have a Wi-Fi connection.