Christmas Naughty or Nice Slot gone Mobile

Naughty or niceJackpot Capital has been very busy updating its mobile casino to be more user friendly, in fact they have even added a touch screen element where you can simply tap and browse through their arsenal of games.

All the above is great, but it’s not the reason that we are talking about Jackpot Capital today however. Jackpot Capital has been adding games monthly to its mobile casino, but as we are coming into the festive season they have gone all out and added one of our favourite Christmas slots to its mobile games list.

Naughty or Nice is a big slot that many love all year round, but with its festive theme this game really comes into its own over the Christmas period. Now you can enjoy this great Christmas slot whilst on your mobile!

Naughty or Nice Mobile Slot

Naughty or Nice is a mobile slot that is going to take Jackpot Capital mobile casino by storm. Thousands enjoy this slot all the time at the computer based version of the casino, so developing it onto the mobile platform is ingenious and will ensure that the Jackpot Capital mobile casino is a lasting legacy.

With its Christmas theme of Father Christmas asking who is naughty or nice for presents, you will really be pleased to get involved and play this amazing slot over December. Christmas is only around the corner so getting into the festive spirit is not hard to achieve with the Naughty or Nice mobile slot.

Men, just remember to keep your eye on the game and not the naughty or nice girls!

Jackpot Capital has said of the mobile slot and updated mobile casino:

“We’ve been adding new games one-by-one every month, but this is the biggest development yet!”

“Now we’ve added a whole new tappable touch screen lobby where players can browse our mobile games more easily. They can also find special offers easier and redeem coupons with just a couple of taps.”