5 Christmas Apps For IPhone Users

5 Christmas Apps Every iOS User Should Have
5 Christmas Apps Every iOS User Should Have

Christmas Apps for iPhone gives time to get in the festive spirit. Unsurprisingly, on top of snow & capitalism ,the holidays bring a slew of apps. Even though you may dread the holidays, there are a few programs that can instill joy in anyone. From Santa Trackers to Holiday Recipes, there’s something for everyone. These new releases are the perfect way to distract your children & help the festivities go off without a hitch.

We know that preparing for the holidays can be a stressful task. That’s why we have compiled this epic list of Christmas apps for iPhone users. Let these programs help you kick off the holidays, you’ll be amazed at how much they help!

5 Christmas Apps for iPhone

Christmas App #1: Dr Seuss Camera – The Grinch Edition

Christmas Apps for iPhone
This app lets you unleash your inner photographer!

Everyone loves taking selfies, so why not add a festive twist? This app contains 20 different “Grinchmas” cards that can be customized with your photos. There is a myriad of options at your disposal, so making the perfect Christmas card is a breeze. When you are done the cards can easily be emailed to friends & family. Spread the holiday spirit with this delightfully festive app!

Christmas App #2: The Christmas List

Christmas Apps
Get your Christmas shopping in order!

Take the guesswork out of shopping with this game-changing app. Organizing your Christmas shopping has never been easier. In this program, every aspect of Christmas shopping is covered. It comes complete with address book integration, email support & spending tracking. The last option is a godsend since it keeps you from going over your annual gift budget. It’s also password protected, so your list stays secret. If you are easily overwhelmed, this will make the holidays a lot easier to handle.

Christmas App #3: Good Food Festive Recipes

Christmas Apps
It’s time to prepare the perfect holiday treat.

Hands down one of the best parts of the holidays are the food. There are many variations, but Christmas cuisine is always unforgettable. Even though it’s hard to go wrong with these dishes, sometimes a little inspiration is necessary. If you are sick of the usual holiday entrees, it’s your lucky day. Now you can finally taste something new with BBC’s new app! They are giving you over 100 recipes to try out during the holidays.

Each recipe has step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by photos. Even if you gave up eating meat, there are plenty of vegetarian options. They also have basic cooking tips for beginners. So even if you are lost in the kitchen you can get in the game.

Christmas App #4: New Year Farm of Santa Claus

New Year Farm
New Year Farm

When preparing for the holidays, parents need a helping hand. This action-packed app is filled with games, so your children will be entertained while you work. The magic land where Santa and his helpers live. The Christmas is almost knocking at the door, so help Santa get ready to the holiday and manage the snowy farm.

Christmas App #5: Christmas Sudoku

Christmas Apps
Make the time fly by with this epic game.

Obviously, the kids will have fun, but sometimes adults need a break too. This game provides you with festively decorated Sudoku levels. You can even challenge your friends over Bluetooth. There are over 90 levels to beat, so you can kill plenty of time. Give yourself a mental workout with this surprisingly educational game!

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