Check Which Casinos Have the Most Pokies Machines

Now that pokies have become the number one money generator in casinos, the amount of machines is exploding. Back in the day, having a few hundred pokies machines was an impressive feat for a casino. As the public’s fascination for pokies grew, venues steadily started augmenting the amount of machines. This trend continued escalating, and now most integrated resorts sport over 1,000 pokies machines. On top of being slightly overwhelming, all these new options are a dream come true for punters. There are literally too many pokies games to choose from, since the choices are endless.

To see how far pokies’ grip on casino floor space has come, it’s essential to examine the biggest casinos. These sprawling venues boast every amenity imaginable, and pokies still manage to dominate visitor’s attention. Despite having countless options, most punters get tunnel vision and flock straight to the pokies machines. This fact has led to thousands of machines getting installed in every major casino. To treat punters who love having endless options, we compiled a list of the casinos with the most pokies machines. The sheer amount of games they have is staggering, so surprise yourself with these figures!

Casinos With Tons of Pokies Machines

Pokies Machines

The Borgata shook up Atlantic City.

Casino #3: The Borgata, Atlantic City (USA) – Even though this casino’s floor space isn’t the biggest, the amount of pokies machines they fit in it is astounding. Somehow the Borgata managed to host 4,000 machines into 161,000 square feet of real estate. This staggering amount of pokies options is flanked by 200 table games, which ensures no casino option is neglected.

This bold casino was designed by renowned American businessman Stephen Wynn. His plan for expanding this casino was so aggressive that it managed to draw criticism from Donald Trump. Wynn’s vision of connecting the Atlantic City Expressway to his casinos was a direct threat to the competition. Even though Trump fought to abolish it, this groundbreaking plan became a reality. Thanks to this initiative passing, Wynn built one of the most impressive casinos in Atlantic City.

Pokies Machines

It doesn’t get much bigger than this entertainment complex.

Casino #2: Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut (USA) – This venue may be tucked away in a less-notorious part of America, but it’s big enough to draw the masses. In a savvy plan to lure in clients, this entertainment conglomerate offers everything a punter could dream of. Over 6,300 pokies machines and 380 table games captivate visitors on their 344,000 square foot casino floor.

Foxwoods Resort Casino boasts a 5,000 seat bingo hall, which they also use to host concerts. In total they have 5,700,000 sq. ft. of entertainment options that include multiple hotels, restaurants and stores. Their décor manages to stay relevant, which isn’t bad for a complex that was built in 1986.

Pokies Machines

This casino theme is an international hit.

Casino #1: WinStar World Casino, Oklahoma (USA) – Even though this is the second biggest casino in the world, they have the most pokies options. Visitors get to choose between 7,400 electronic gaming machines, which is more than most punters can fathom. Their 519,000 sq. ft. gaming floor is separated into themes that make visitors feel like they are traveling the world. This novel idea was designed by architect Lyndon Stromberg and renown designer Larry E. Seitz. Even though they are responsible for designing the world’s most beloved casinos, they outdid themselves with this massive complex.