How to Check In for Flights Using a Mobile

How to check in for flights using a mobile phone in Australia?
How to check in for flights using a mobile phone in Australia?

Check In for flights using a mobile for flying overseas or domestic. It will reduce your wait times at airports. Now the airlines have started to issue electronic boarding passes for international flights departing Australia. No more standing in queues at check-in counters to show your passport and collect a physical paper boarding pass.

As more than 21 million people travel and cross the border at international airports. Australia has now made things easy with mobile phone check-in allowing travellers to move smoothly.

Here is how to check in for flights using a mobile phone in Australia

How to check in at Australia airport with mobile
Here is how to check in for flights using a mobile phone in Australia.

To check In for flights using a mobile all you need to get started is to download the mobile app. Or visit the Air flight you wish to travel in with your mobile. Suppose you are travelling in Virgin Australia so visit the site with your mobile by typing the URL of the site on your mobile browser or download its app from the app store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android smartphones.

Now visit on your mobile device similarly for any other flight or airways you wish to travel.

Now retrieve your booking via Booking Reference. Enter your Booking Reference or e-ticket number, last name and departing location; or retrieve your booking with your Velocity log in (for Virgin flight customers).

Log in to the website

Either select “Login” in the top right or the “Retrieve as a Velocity member” link and enter your Velocity member number and password

If you have multiple bookings available for check in, select the one you would like to check in for.

By default, all guests included in the booking will be pre-selected for check-in If you do not wish to check in one or more guests from your booking, you may remove them prior to continuing

Select “Save” or “Cancel” to return to the overview screen

Declare Baggage

Select the red “Checked bags” text to nominate the number of bags you are travelling with, and to purchase additional baggage Select a guest for whom you wish to nominate checked baggage. Use the plus and minus buttons to indicate how many bags each guest will be travelling with. If you are also checking in for your return flight, change your journey to nominate baggage for this flight too.   Select “Save” or “Cancel” to navigate back to the overview screen.

Chein in at airport with your mobile in Australia
How to check in at the airport with your mobile- Australia

Select a guest then choose a seat from the seat map.  If you have booked more than one flight, you can also choose to select seats for these here.  Select “Save” or “Cancel” to navigate back to the overview screen.

If you wish to edit the extras that you have added to the booking, you may do so now by selecting “Edit items”. You can now add to, or remove, from your extras. Once you are satisfied with your chosen extras, enter your preferred card and billing details, then select “Pay now”

How to check In for flights using a mobile for overseas

For international check-ins add passport and extra travel information to check in for international flights. It is important this information is correct at the time of check-in as it can not be amended online. If you are having difficulties using the online check-in please use the Airport check-in.

For flights to or transiting through the United States you are required to provide details of your first night’s accommodation

Now declare dangerous goods as you review the information and graphics provided. Declare dangerous goods by selecting either, “Yes I am” or “No I’m not” If you are travelling with dangerous goods, you will be asked to proceed to the airport to complete check-in.

Get Boarding Pass

Now confirm check-in and send boarding passes

For domestic flights: Choose to receive your boarding pass via SMS, Email, Passbook (where applicable), or print If you have opted to receive your boarding pass via SMS or Email, enter the mobile number or email address in the field provided To print boarding passes for all guests, select “Print all boarding passes” If SMS is nominated each boarding pass must be sent to a unique mobile number

For international flights: If check-in is successful a confirmation page will display For guests departing New Zealand ports a mobile boarding pass will be displayed For all other flights the boarding pass can be sent via email or printed from the confirmation page

Once at the airport proceed to bag drop or an online check-in counter where available.

Proceed to the assigned Gate with Boarding Pass

If you have no checked bags head straight to the boarding gate with your boarding pass. Remember, carry-on baggage limits of up to 7kgs apply. If you are travelling on an international flight, you will be required to present your passport and other travel documentation to your Airways Australia team member at check-in before proceeding to the boarding gate.

Guests who have checked in online are required to present at Check-in and have their travel documents validated via the Check-in kiosks or an Airways or flight you are travelling team member prior to proceeding to Security in Australia.

If you have completed checked-in with a mobile and only have carry-on baggage, you can proceed straight to the gate. Always arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to departure for domestic travel.

Check-in with mobile AU

Check in with mobile
Check in with mobile AU

Important to note is that to check in with your mobile online there is a time schedule and most of the mobile Check-in is available between 48 hours and 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for domestic flights, or between 24 hours and 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure for international flights.

With mobile you check in for any flight, Book flights, Purchase additional baggage, make changes to your bookings, and update your contact details, if you are a member than fill out membership details, Cancel your bookings and access information about airports.


Note that a mobile boarding pass is a digital version of a paper boarding pass and is available to customers via the web browser on their mobile phone.

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