How To Get Cheapest Plan For Mobile From Optus?

Cheapest plan for mobile
Optus Mobile

Cheapest plan for mobile from Optus can be found by various ways. Optus is Australia’s second-largest telecommunication company with an expansive network, not to mention a wide selection of phone and internet products. It provides both prepaid and postpaid SIM-only plans, along with new smartphones. This you can bundle with a postpaid mobile plan.

How to find cheapest plan for mobile from Optus?

To get the cheapest plan for a mobile phone from Optus, you can consider the following steps:

  • Research Optus plans: Visit the Optus website or contact their customer service to explore the available mobile phone plans. Take note of the features and pricing of each plan to compare them effectively.
  • Determine your needs: Assess your mobile phone usage requirements. Consider factors such as the amount of data, call minutes, and text messages you typically use each month. This will help you select a plan that suits your needs without paying for unnecessary features.
  • Opt for SIM-only plans: SIM-only plans are typically more cost-effective than plans that include a bundled mobile phone. If you already have a phone or plan to purchase one separately, choosing a SIM-only plan can save you money.
  • Consider data limits: Data is often a significant portion of mobile plan costs. Evaluate your data usage patterns and select a plan that provides enough data for your needs. Be mindful of any excess data charges that may apply if you exceed your plan’s limit.
  • Look for promotions and discounts: Optus frequently offers promotional deals and discounts on their plans. Keep an eye out for special offers, discounted rates, or limited-time promotions that can help you secure a cheaper plan.
  • Negotiate or customize your plan: If you’re an existing Optus customer or have found a better deal elsewhere, consider negotiating with Optus to see if they can offer you a better plan or pricing. They may have retention offers or options to customize a plan based on your specific needs.
  • Compare with other providers: Take the time to compare Optus plans with offerings from other mobile service providers. This will help you ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Remember to carefully review the terms and conditions of any plan you’re considering, including contract length, early termination fees, and additional charges. It’s also a good idea to check for coverage and network quality in your area to ensure you’ll have a reliable mobile service.

Cheapest plan for mobile and free data

The bad news is Optus Sport is no longer free for Optus customers. You can get a monthly subscription for AU$6.99 a month for Optus customers, and AU$24.99 a month for everyone else.

Though Optus may occasionally run promotional campaigns on cheapest plan for mobile or offer data bonuses as part of their plan offerings or special promotions. These promotions could include temporary increases in data allowances, bonus data for specific activities or events, or limited-time offers. However, such promotions are subject to change and may not be available at all times.

To find out if there are any current promotions or offers that include free data, visit the Optus website, browse their plans, or contact their customer service for the most accurate and updated information on their current offerings.

Although Optus might not offer the cheapest plan for mobile of all, there might be some advantages to signing up, especially if you have other products or services with the provider. Optus often offer discounts to the customer and you can be more than one eligible plan on one account, along with other perks and bonuses.

Best Optus Deals

Here are the best running Optus phone plans below:

Best Cheapest Plan For Mobile – SIM Only

1. Best SIM only plans (subject to change)

Optus - SIM only plan
Optus – SIM only plan

Optus Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large plan

  • Minimum monthly charge: $49/mth $59/mth $69/mth $89/mth
  • Minimum term: Month-to-month
  • Monthly data to share for use in Australia: 30GB 100GB 220GB 360GB
  • Standard national talk & text: Unlimited
  • Standard international talk & text to 35 Selected Destinations from Australia – Unlimited
  • Cancellation:  If your plan is cancelled you won’t receive a pro-rata refund for the remainder of your payment cycle. Any related device payment plan will be cancelled and you’ll need to pay out any remaining device payments in full and any other charges owing, as a one-off payment.

These cheapest plan for mobile are only available to eligible customers.

You need a compatible mobile phone device to use with these plans or You may bring your own compatible device, or buy a compatible device from Optus outright or with this plan on a device payment plan and pay for it over a selected term by interest free monthly payments.

The plans include:

  • Standard national talk & text: Included value can be used for calls, SMS and MMS in Australia to standard Australian numbers, calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers, voicemail retrievals/deposits and voicemail diversions.
  • Standard international talk & text from Australia: If you have the $59, $69 or $89 plan, included calls, SMS and MMS can be used to standard numbers to the following destinations: Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, mainland China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA and Vietnam (Selected Destinations).
  • Monthly data to share: These plans share data within Australia. If you have more than one eligible plan that data shares on the same account, the included monthly data allowance will combine into one data sharing pool, which will be shared by all the eligible plans that share data on that account. If you use more than your included data, data usage on these plans and all services that share data with these plans will be slowed to a maximum of 1.5Mbps until the start of your next payment cycle, unless you purchase extra data.

Slowed data speeds (maximum of 1.5Mbps) are suitable for general internet browsing and music streaming, however, some activities such as video streaming may see increased buffering and loading times. Any unused data expires at the end of each payment cycle.

If you don’t want to share data between your services, they will need to be on separate accounts. Data is counted in kilobytes, and includes uploads and downloads.

What’s not included:

  • If you have the $59, $69 or $89 plan, you can only use your included international calls and SMS/MMS to Selected Destinations.
  • You cannot make outbound international calls or send international SMS/MMS to any destinations not included in the Selected Destinations (listed above).
  • If you have the $49 plan, you cannot make outbound calls or send SMS/MMS to international numbers unless you purchase an international calls and SMS/MMS add-on.
  • Your monthly standard national calls, text and data cannot be used overseas.
  • You cannot make use of mobile premium services on these plans.

If you have a phone and are not interested in starting up a new mobile contract, then a SIM-only plan is a great alternative. It still comes with most benefits of a contract, including unlimited talk and text to standard numbers in Australia and unlimited standard talk and text to selected countries. You can also cancel anytime without facing a fee. This is one of the best cheapest plan for mobile from Optus.

Total minimum cost is AU$59

2. Best overall phone + plan combos

iPhone 14 (128GB) | 80GB data | 24 months | AU$58.29p/m

Optus-iPhone-14 Plan

When comparing cheapest plan for mobile or the iPhone plans, consider the following factors:

  • Data allowance: Evaluate the amount of data included in each plan to ensure it meets your browsing, streaming, and downloading needs.
  • Call and text inclusions: Check the number of included call minutes and text messages to make sure they align with your usage patterns.
  • International inclusions: If you require international calling or roaming options, consider the available options and associated costs.
  • Contract terms: Review the contract length, early termination fees, and any other terms and conditions associated with the plan.
  • Additional benefits: Some plans may include additional features such as streaming services, data-free music streaming, or discounts on other services.

By considering your usage requirements, budget, and the features of each plan, you can find the best Optus iPhone plan that suits your needs

3. Best overall Android + plan combo

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) | 80GB data | 24 months | AU$98.68p/m

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) | 80GB data | 24 months | AU$98.68p/m
Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) | 80GB data | 24 months | AU$98.68p/m

The Samsung Galaxy S22 can offer you more powerful gives you lots of power at a reasonable price, and if you sign up with Optus, cheapest plan for mobile at the AU$59 Medium plan will suit most users. It comes with 80GB of data and 5G access, which is nice to have, particularly with a telco that’s continuing to roll out its 5G network. Optus is also offering AU$200 off the S22 for its EOFY sales, and the monthly price factors this in.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$2,368.32

4. Best cheap phone + plan combos

iPhone SE 2022 (64GB) | 20GB data | 24 months | AU$74.94p/m

iPhone SE 2022 (64GB) | 20GB data | 24 months | AU$74.94p/m
iPhone SE 2022 (64GB) | 20GB data | 24 months | AU$74.94p/m

If you’re keen on Apple’s most affordable new handset, we recommend pairing it with Optus’ cheapest plan for mobile, the AU$45 Small plan on a 24-month contract. It only gets you 20GB of data each month, but if you keep your phone connected to Wi-Fi networks throughout the day, it could suit you just fine, and it’ll only set you back AU$74.94 each billing. This is one of the Plan For Mobile From Optus.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$1,798.56

For prepaid SIM plans click here

5. Best cheap Android phone + plan combo

Google Pixel 6 (128GB) | 20GB data | 24 months | AU$82.44p/m

Google Pixel 6 (128GB) | 20GB data | 24 months | AU$82.44p/m
Google Pixel 6 (128GB) | 20GB data | 24 months | AU$82.44p/m

The Pixel 6 sees the biggest revamp of Google’s phone in years, and along with a design overhaul, its photo capabilities are exceptional. If you love to snap photos on your smartphone, consider picking up the Pixel 6 and pairing it with Optus’ AU$45 Small plan. That’ll get you 20GB of data each month, and on a 24-month contract, you’ll pay AU$82.44. This is one of the cheapest plan for mobile from Optus.

The total cost over 24 months is AU$1,978.56

6. Best premium phone + plan combos

Best premium iPhone + plan combo

iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) | 80GB data | 24 months | AU$125.77p/m

iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)  80GB data 24 months  AU$125.77p m
iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)  80GB data 24 months  AU$125.77p m

The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max are Apple’s most premium devices, and the one you choose will mostly come down to size and price. We’re going with the 13 Pro and pairing it with Optus’ AU$55 Medium plan on a 24-month contract. That’ll set you up with 80GB of data, unlimited talk, and text to standard numbers, and access to an expanding 5G network.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$3,018.48

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7. Best premium Android + plan combo

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) | 80GB data | 24 months | AU$119.53p/m

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB)  80GB data 24 months AU$119.53p m
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB)  80GB data 24 months AU$119.53p m

If you’re eager to get your hands on the very best of what Samsung has to offer, you’ll want to check out the S22 Ultra. Match the phone with the provider’s AU$55 Medium plan to set yourself up with 80GB of data and unlimited talk and text to standard numbers in Australia. The monthly price also factors in an AU$300 device discount for Optus’ EOFY sales.

The total cost over 24 months is AU$2,868.72

Important: Remember the above mentioned plans are subject to change, therefore consult Optus site or their support team for the latest ongoing plans.

Optus Sub Hub
Optus Sub Hub

Note that the price of some Optus mobile plans have increased by $4 a month. For these plans, you will also be getting additional data to your plan to provide more value, increasing your plans total data inclusion.

The Optus mobile plans impacted by the price increase are:

  • Choice – $39 Optus Choice Small, $49 Optus Choice Medium, $59 Optus Choice Large, $79 Optus Choice XLarge
  • Choice Build – $45 Optus Choice Build 30GB, $47 Optus Choice Build 60GB, $55 Optus Choice Build 100GB, $67 Optus Choice Build 120GB, $79 Optus Choice Build 150GB
  • Optus Promo Choice Plans – $39 Promo Choice Plan, $49 Promo Choice Plan

Optus has developed a range of options that will help you do this across all of your communication and streaming products and services.

  1. Save on your subscription services: If you bundle your favourite subscriptions on Optus SubHub, you can save up to 10% on each eligible subscription, including your existing Netflix subscription. This could save you over $6 per month if you bundle 6 subscriptions.
  2. Save on additional mobile plans: Bring your partner or family onto your account and you can save 25% on additional plan costs. This will save you and your family a minimum of $11.25 per month, per mobile service added. Click here to message Optus team.
  3. Save on a new 5G device: Get the latest 5G phone at the best price. If you see a better price on a 5G phone, Optus match it with their 5G Phone Price Match Guarantee. They also have a range of device deals to help you save. 
  4.  Save on upfront costs: If you buy a new phone with OptusPay, you can pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months, completely interest free. No need to pay the full amount upfront, leaving more money in your pocket when you buy.
  5. Save when you travel and roam overseas: If you travel regularly, Optus has lowered their roaming costs by 50%, and are now only $5/5GB per day if you switch to one of their new Choice Plus subscription plans.

For more details on cheapest mobile plans from Optus you can contact the Optus support either in My Optus app or by calling 1800 502 375, or 1300 550 957 

If you want to change or cancel your plan, you can contact via My Optus app or call before the price change date for your impacted plan.

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