How to Charge your Mobile with a Wireless Charger?

Wireless Charging
How to Charge your Mobile with a Wireless Charger?

Technology has made things very much easier for us. There was a time when we had to depend only on landline phones and making STD or ISD calls was so costly. Then came the mobiles and cell phones and their amazing software and now so many apps to work on.

It seems we are too dependent on mobiles and their accessories like headphones and charger which plays a very important role in mobile. Without charging the battery mobile is a dead instrument. With the internet, Wi-Fi and now the wireless charger…technology is working at its full speed with the newest invention regularly on its roll.

Charge your Mobile with a Wireless Charger

It is so exciting to see how our mobile devices get charged with wireless- it is too easy and hassle-free. But the question most of you might be thinking is what exactly is a wireless charger?

Obviously, it is charging your phone without using wires and that means you don’t need to plug anything into your phone.

Then what do you do? You have to just place your device on a charging plate (a mat-type flat plate) and you get your phone charged instantly.

So How Does it Work if Nothing to Plug in?

The working is simple: Yes you need not plug anything on your mobile. But you do need to plug your wireless charging plate which you can leave plugged in. Then just put the plate on your desk or bedside or anywhere in the room and recharge your battery by just laying the phone on top of it.

  • Wireless charging features exactly the same technology that’s used to charge an electric toothbrush.
  • The charging plate contains coils of wire that use the current from the mains to create a magnetic field.
  • When the phone touches the charging plate, this field induces an electrical current in the wire coil inside the mobile.
  • Place your phone on the plate and charging starts immediately. When it’s done, just pick it up and you’re good to go.

Are there any Advantages of Such a Charger?

Charge your Mobile with a Wireless Charger
Are there any Advantages of Such a Charger?

Yes, there are advantages. It is beneficial because you save time from finding your wire charger and then bending down to the socket of the plug switching it on and once done again taking time to take it off.

So with the wireless charger, you save your energy and time as well as cut down the clutter of wires. Also, it is eco-friendly and when your phone is fully charged, the power mat switches off.

What About the Disadvantages?

The disadvantage is that is a bit expensive and slower than your wire charger. Also not all smartphones, mobile and tablets are compatible with specific charging plates. You might need a separate plate for each of your devices.

Mobile Devices That can be Charged with a Wireless Charger

The technology is available on some phones, but it doesn’t come as standard yet. Devices that are equipped for wireless charging include the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 830 and Microsoft Lumia 950.

At the time of writing, no Apple iPhones support wireless charging. The Apple Watch does support the technology, though only a handful of wireless chargers work with it.

Does the Wireless Charger Come with Extra Accessories or do you Have to Buy it?

Right now no phone maker is giving a wireless charger with a phone as a free accessory so you’ll have to pay some extra for it. So before you buy, it’s better to research whether a phone has wireless charging built-in, and which charging plates it works with.

What is its Opinion of the Wireless Charger in Australia?

Australian markets have captured its hold and you can find easily wireless charging pads being sold at many Australian online sites. You must have even heard of IKEA the furniture company supporting wireless charging. Ikea already sells a lamp with a base that doubles as a wireless charging plate.

What is its Opinion of the Wireless Charger in Australia
What is its Opinion of the Wireless Charger in Australia

Also wireless is having many products for wireless charging. You can check out their site for more information.

Wireless charging products

Wireless charging products
Wireless charging products

Also, it is anticipated that many restaurants and coffee shops will start to offer wireless charging too.

As wireless charging becomes more widely adopted it will emerge in a greater and easy way compatible with all devices and also less costly. Now no more worries to run out of battery and looking for where is the wire. Just place your phone on a wireless pad and relax. That sounds so cool. Right?

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