Make Real Changes with New Year’s Resolution Apps

Make Real Changes with New Year's Resolution Apps
Make Real Changes with New Year’s Resolution Apps

Even though they are easy to make, New Year’s resolutions are surprisingly difficult for Australians to keep. While a majority of the population makes promises for the upcoming year, over 58% of these resolutions fail. This is due to the fact that New Year’s resolutions attempt to fix problems that require complete lifestyle changes to change. Improving fitness, eating better and quitting smoking are the top three New Year’s resolutions in Australia. These promises need to be backed up with drastic life changes, so it isn’t surprising that many people fail. Fortunately, there is hope for achieving these important goals.

New Year Resolution Apps

Faced with an intimidating list of self-improvements, many Australians are using apps to stay accountable for their New Year’s resolutions. Out of the 11 million Aussies who broke their New Year’s resolutions, 15% happened within three months. By September, over 40% had relented on their once ambitious self-promises. This inconsistency showcases the fact that we need technology to help keep us accountable. Luckily, app developers haven’t ignored the public’s needs. From fitness to finances, there are plenty of options available for those who really want to implement life changes.

On top of having enough willpower, utilizing the right apps ensure that your New Year’s resolutions come true. With so many tools at our fingertips, stagnating in the same bad habits is unacceptable. Thanks to the help they receive online, millions of people are changing their lives every year. To highlight this trend, we compiled a list of the best New Year’s Resolution apps. Each app addresses the most common goals in Australia, so everyone can enjoy a head start on making their goals come true. Help has never been more available, so fill this year with positive changes!

Best New Year’s Resolution Apps

App #1: MyFitnessPal

New Year's Resolution Apps
Get in shape by utilizing this invaluable exercise and diet advice!

In many ways, this app is the trainer that most people can’t afford. By addressing every aspect of fitness, MyFitnessPal is helping millions of users achieve amazing transformations. From weight loss to gaining muscle, no health expectations are out of this app’s reach. Once they set their goals, users get access to a robust library of 350+ exercises. These range from cardio to strength exercises that are all geared towards reaching the target amount of activity. Users can connect the app to multiple devices to help track how many calories are being burned.

This proven exercise program is complimented by a complete nutritional overhaul. Their immense food database includes over 6 million meals and has a barcode scanner, recipe importer and calorie counter. This comprehensive system lets users track all their nutrient intake, which allows them to reach their fitness goals faster. Aside from generating rave reviews from the NY Times, USA Today, Wired and the Wall Street Journal, MyFitnessPal has been the #1 Health and Fitness app for four years straight. This app is proven to get results, so don’t hesitate to use it on your journey to better health!

App #2: Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson

New Year's Resolution Apps
Unlock the true potential of your mind.

Smoking is a tricky habit to kick, especially when it’s enforced with years of repetition. Fortunately, there are viable ways to rewire how you view smoking. By utilizing the power of self-hypnosis, thousands of people have learned how to drop this nasty habit. Andrew Johnson is a certified hypnotherapist who’s made his work easily accessible by putting it in an app. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on hypnotherapy sessions when all the work is done in your head. Skip therapy and utilize the proven prompts provided by this app!

App #3: Mint

New Year's Resolution Apps
Reign in your finances to make this an epic year!

While many people want to improve their health, almost everyone can use a boost in finances. This is especially true during the holidays since the festivities push everyone’s budgets to the breaking point. Thanks to the wide range of services provided by Mint, users have access to everything necessary to become financially responsible. Through spending tracking and budgeting, this money management tool allows users to get their finances under control. There’s no reason to keep making the same mistakes, so utilize this app’s wide range of tools to reach your true economic potential!

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