Candy Crush Saga Developer Seeks NYSE IPO

Candy Crush SagaKing Digital Entertainment PLC, the developer of many social pokies including the mega hit “Candy Crush Saga” has filed for a Initial Public Offering with NYSE – New York Stock Exchange. The company, which is based in Dublin, Ireland, set a value of AUD8.5 billion.

The company has released several well received social pokie games, but only one of the games has taken the world by storm and that would be Candy Crush Saga. This pokie has grossed more money than any other iPhone game in the world. It holds the distinct honor of being the 5th most popular free game app in the history of the Google Play Store.

Can Be Played on Your Favourite Mobile Device

Candy Crush Saga is also the most popularly played free game app for Androids. The game can be played on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Androids and Smartphones.

King Entertainment, which will be “King” on the stock exchange has put up 22.2 million shares of their stock in anticipation of raising some $565 million dollars. They are starting at $22-24 per share. It is obvious they are riding the popularity of Candy Crush Saga, which displayed 97 million daily active users and 1.06 billion daily game plays this past February.

King Digital boasted 1.8 billion in revenue for 2013. That is quite a jump from the 164 million in revenue they reported in 2012.

About Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a social pokie that requires players to match at least 3 or more colored candy pieces. When they are matched they are cleared from the board. The goal is to reach the highest score of points to clear the board in the least amount of moves.

The pokie is free to play, but if the player wants to move through the 545 levels of the game they will need some help. That is where the money comes in to play. Players can buy boosters, like a Lollipop Hammer to crush candies, or extra lives and moves and such, because each level only allows so many moves. The player will need to purchase more and more boosters as they climb the levels.

This pokie is very addictive because players can see the high scores they need to surpass to be on top. The graphics are quite impressive and the music uplifting, and now there are 30 Dreamworld levels added to enhance this extremely popular social pokie.

Final Thoughts

King Digital is riding high right now due to the Candy Crush Saga madness, but how long will the excitement last. It seems that someone is planning on this pokie to be a favourite mobile pokie for sometime to come. You can download Candy Crush Saga here.