How can I stop my impulse of mobile checking all the time?

How can I stop my impulse of mobile checking all the time?

Most of you might be having an impulse to check your mobiles often. No sooner you get up from your bed you at once look at your mobile for missed calls, text notifications, whatsapp messages and your subscription app notices that you might have missed during your sleep at night. Then with the start of the day you keep on pressing your home button and swiping in and out to look at notifications, checking your Facebook profile or texting whatsapp messages to your friends.

This urge goes on throughout the day and has formed a routine in your life. If you are one of the mobile users who cannot control this pressure to check your phone often then here is how to stop your impulses in this mobile checking habit.

According to Max Ogles the author of the book Boost: Create Good Habits Using Psychology and Technology, if you have a smartphone, it’s pretty much guaranteed it’s distracted you in a moment when your attention should have been elsewhere. He argues that, even though smartphones are undoubtedly useful, they come packaged with detrimental psychological and physical effects:

He states in his book that a real scale has been devised to measure how much of a negative impact mobile phones can have on your behavior. The acronym “PUMP” stands for ‘Problematic Usage of Mobile Phones.’ The PUMP research points to real similarities between substance abuse addictions and technology overuse — to the point that ‘though problematic mobile phone use has not, to date, been recognized as a diagnosable condition, experts in the field are debating its inclusion as one.

Ways to stop the urge for looking at your mobile all the time

What you need to do to stop the impulse of mobile checking all the time according to Ogles

You need to weaken the triggers that too often compel you to check your mobile all the time.

Remove gaudy ring tones and turn off all notifications that don’t relate either to texts or phone calls.

You want to give your phone fewer opportunities to remind you it’s there.

Set a place for your mobile in your home where you can keep your mobile to rest and do not bother to look at it for few minutes, then lengthen your time to few hours.

Also to reduce your phone’s negative impact assign it a place other than your dining room, bedroom when at home so that you when you have your meals you are not disturbed and when you sleep and get up early morning you are not prone to finding your mobile. Mobile is out of sight and out of mind.  At work, leave it in your bag or purse out of reach. When you don’t give your phone a place, that’s when things get out of control.

Therefore these tips will certainly minimize your impulses to check your phone often. Remember you might be facing health problems, sleep depreviation and other emotional and psychological problems so better to take action right now.