Blow Your Mind With the Most Expensive Apps

There’s a lot of ways to flaunt your wealth, & purchasing outrageously expensive apps is one of them. In a world full of apps that normally go for a dollar, some sell for $999.99. They would have gone for more, but both app stores put a limit to discourage abusive pricing. While these same apps could have gone for much less, some developers decided to take their products to the next level. They aren’t necessarily better than what you would find for a dollar, but their infamy is unmatched.

There’s a lot to be said for value, but not much for spending $1K on an app. There’s nothing cool about getting ripped off, & that’s exactly what some developers are doing to their clients. If it doesn’t take care of you until you die, there’s no excuse for spending this much on an app. Despite the fact that these prices are superficially inflated, many developers have put out apps within this price range. They are vying for the most outrageous spots in the App Store, but even that idea has gotten too popular.

Now there are dozens of apps that go for $1,000, so picking the best ones to feature ended up being a daunting task. In the end we picked the ones that may be somewhat worth it, to give an idea of what’s out there. They still aren’t going to be popular downloads anytime soon, but it’s still fun to examine their wildly expensive features. Prepare to be blown away by these apps, they are truly in a league of their own!

Most Expensive Apps Ever Created

Expensive Apps

This app is tailor made for dentists.

Expensive App #3: DDS GP ($500) – Ever wondered what’s going on with your teeth? There’s an app for dentists, & it’s something only someone working in the medical field can afford. For a hefty price, this app is willing to explain any condition that your teeth could be experiencing. Its explanations are accompanied by a series of treatments & procedures for patients. It’s the perfect way to get an on-demand examination. Unfortunately it costs more than simply going to the dentist. If you are a do-it-yourself type of person, it’s time to ditch your doctor & download this surprisingly informative app.

Expensive Apps

Studying for the Bar Exam comes with a price.

Expensive App #2: BarMax ($999.99) – College is expensive, so it’s no surprise that an app to pass the Bar Exam sports a hefty price tag. For those who are getting ready to become a lawyer, this app could help. It provides valuable insight on how to pass the bar, & it was made from someone who actually achieved it.

This app was designed by a Harvard Law alumni, & includes lectures from top Harvard Law professors. It even features real questions from previous Bar Exams, so users actually get a feel for what to expect. BarBri used to be the standard for Bar Exam prep, but now this expensive alternative has stolen the show.

Expensive Apps

This app is literally only available for millionaires.

Expensive App #1: VIP Black ($1,000) – Officially dubbed “the Millionaire App”, this is hands down the most exclusive app on the market. While anyone with a grand can download the app, they have to prove that they are a millionaire to be able use its features. The app actually checks the user’s assets to see if it’s in excess of a million pounds. Once verified, users get access to amenities when using the app. If you are a millionaire this app could help you get some perks at your next villa, but if you are a normal person keep looking.