Bizarre Apps That People Actually Use

It’s no secret that apps have come a long way in both directions. While many apps have revolutionized everyday tasks, others puzzle the masses with their bizarre themes. Today over a million apps are available that range from useful to downright odd. This plethora of options has paved the way for some truly bizarre apps. These releases are both entertaining and troubling, since they highlight oddities that are unmistakably human. While some of them are useful, most of them defy all reason.

To truly understand the reach of apps in society, it’s essential to explore the oddest apps available. On top of being amusing, they reveal some quirks about humanity. After examining this list, our readers will realize that there really is an app for everything. They are both wildly entertaining and sobering to discover, which makes them a great subject to explore. For this reason, we scoured the app stores to discover the most bizarre apps available. Enjoy our findings, they will make you question what the developers were thinking.

Bizarre Apps That Are Helpful To Some

Bizarre Apps

This app drives cats wild!

Bizarre App #3: Game for Cats – Everyone who owns a feline can get a kick out of this outrageously simple game. As the name implies, this app wasn’t designed to entertain humans. It was made for cats who are jaded by traditional entertainment. The game has multiple settings that pit the feline against lasers and escaping mice. While this may seem like overkill to some, it has accrued a cult following. This game is so popular that it’s been featured in ABC News, New York Times, LA Times, Gizmodo & Wired.Co.UK.

On top of winning over the masses, players have even gone as far as recommending devices for cats. According to them, the most cat friendly device is the iPad3. The jury may be out on the best technology for cats, but you can’t ignore this a delightfully odd app!

Bizarre Apps

The war against bad hair is real!

Bizarre App #2: Haircaster – Any woman knows that a lot of factors go into having a good hair day. This knowledge wasn’t lost on the developers of this app, since they dedicated an entire project to identifying factors. What they came up with is the ultimate guide for someone who’s trying to avoid frizzy hair.

From weather to humidity levels, nothing is left unchecked by this app. They have a number of warnings that range from “Stay Home” to “Frizz Alert”. All these settings are based on the local weather and accompanied by styling tips to help users maintain straight hair. It’s a bizarre battle to fight, but some people are definitely grateful for this app.

Bizarre Apps

Never forget where you’ve been.

Bizarre App #1: Places I’ve Pooped – Out of all the lists people create, this is easily one of the most bizarre themes. The app does exactly what it proclaims in the title, tracking poop. It allows users to drop a pin on the map to highlight bathrooms that they have bombarded. For world travelers, it provides an interesting presentation of where they’ve left their mark. For the normal person, this app will become overwhelmingly repetitive. This odd choice of a theme has allowed this app to easily top our list!