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Best study apps in Australia are must for students. As the amount of hours spent studying continues to increase, many Australian students are turning to study apps for salvation. Throughout the last twenty years; it’s no secret that students are overwhelmed. As Aussie teens make their transition from high school to university, they have a shocking amount of homework.

Between preparing for tests and compiling a thesis, the sheer amount of time students spend preparing for class is impressive. While the average university student in Australia only spends 10 to 15 hours a week on campus, they also have to dedicate an additional 48 hours to their studies.

Starting facts about studying in Australia

Even though these figures seem shocking, they aren’t nearly as surprising once they are put into perspective. To truly understand why Australians study so much, taking a brief look at the national school system is essential. When it comes to primary and high school, Aussie students receive over 11,000 hours of instruction. This is dramatically more than the 7,540-hour average for other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Developed (OECD) countries. This is complimented by 6 hours of homework a week, which is also dramatically higher than the OECD average.

Despite investing thousands of extra hours in and outside the classroom, Australian students routinely outperform. Australia’s international ranking has consistently dropped on PISA tests, and this poor performance is making people rethink the entire system.

As teachers, parents and lawmakers fight to figure out how to overhaul Australia’s education system, students get less support. As the dust settles, it’s obvious that students have less time be spend studying to improve performance. Ironically, the best ways to achieve more constructive study sessions are available on our phones.

Several Education Apps to use

Throughout the last decade, the number of apps that revolve around studying has exploded. Studying is an issue in most developed nations, and developers were more than happy to address the issue. Thanks to this new wave of apps, students aren’t left to fend for themselves.

To showcase how effective these programs are, we compiled a list of the best study apps in 2019. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or at the university, these programs provide crucial advantages. There’s no reason to let your schedule be overrun with repetition, so start studying smarter with these apps!

Best Study Apps in Australia

App #3: Scanner Pro

Best Study Apps in Australia
Capture text with any iOS device!

Thanks to this innovative scanner, the days of taking longhand notes are long gone. This is due to the fact that this reader turns your iPhone into an innovative tool. All students have to do is activate the app and they are able to scan text from any book or manuscript. The data is automatically converted to digital text that can be copied to documents, played as audio files or translated into a different language. This easy-to-use program makes traditional note-taking look archaic, so hop onboard this iOS revolution!

App #2: My Study Life

My Student Life
Manage your schedule like a pro.

Being a student is hectic, and no one understands this more than the innovative developers of this program. By combining information about homework, exams and classes onto one platform, My Study Life helps students stay on top of their schedules. Users receive notifications about unfinished tasks, looming exams and scheduling conflicts. Everything you can upload to a cloud and access without Wi-Fi, which is perfect for students who are on the go. This app is completely free, so take advantage of its helpful features!

App #1: Evernote

Study Apps
Take your note-taking to the next level.

When it comes to optimizing note-taking, no program does a more admirable job than Evernote. Instead of focusing on one faucet of studying, it addresses all the factors that hinder most students. Evernote helps students streamline their note-taking with audio recordings, checklists and links. It also provides 60 mb of uploads per month, provides community support and can sync across devices. This versatility makes it a godsend for those who are constantly running against the clock. Students get 50% off the premium version, so start revolutionizing how you study with this versatile app!

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