Enjoy the Best Places to Play Pokies in Ireland

Enjoy the Best Places to Play Pokies in Ireland
Enjoy the Best Places to Play Pokies in Ireland

When it comes to playing pokies in Ireland, punters have plenty of options to choose from. The Irish are some of the most prolific gamblers on the planet, so various forms of betting are embedded in the culture. Over two-thirds of the population have gambled in the last twelve months, with a bulk of betting involving scratch-it tickets.

Despite 56.7% of gambling revolving around lotteries, this impressive participation has set the stage for vibrant gambling industry. Last year Ireland’s gambling industry surpassed $6 billion, and these staggering figures are paving the way for plenty of gaming options.

Ireland’s gambling is a hub for online and land-based bookmakers

Despite having multiple similarities, Ireland’s gambling industry is very different from its British counterparts. This is the home of Paddy Power and BoyleSports, which makes the country a hub for both online and land-based bookmakers. This limitless selection of industry heavyweights sets the stage for robust sports betting market. While 70% of online bets in Ireland revolve around horse racing, Gaelic football and hurling dominate the rest of the market.  This rare selection of sports puts Ireland in a league of its own.

History of Ireland’s gambling

Even though Ireland’s sports preferences are unique, their issues with regulating casinos aren’t.  This country treasures its bookmaking and horse racing, which forced casinos to take the back seat. When the Betting Act was signed into law in 1931, it revolved entirely around taxing bookmakers. It wasn’t until the Gambling and Lotteries Act of 1956 that casinos were technically made illegal. Due to multiple loopholes in the law, multiple private clubs with casino-like options popped up across the country. Today 24 legal gambling facilities operate in four cities throughout Ireland.

On top of being the capital of the country, Dublin is the leader of Ireland’s gambling industry. The city alone is home to 20 gambling facilities that provide a combined 43 table games and 823 pokies machines. This wide selection of venues makes picking the best casinos a daunting task for first-time visitors. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best casinos in Ireland. Our list revolves around pokies, so discover where the best places are to hit the slots!

Best Places to Play Pokies in Ireland

Casino #3: Fitzpatricks Casino Tallaght

Irish Casinos
Indulge in this robust selection of slots.

This vibrant gaming venue is nestled in the heart of Tallaght, Dublin. Being located in the 4-star Plaza Hotel Complex has its perks since punters get access to spectacular views of Dublin & the Wicklow mountains. This vibrant casino offers 160 different slot machines, which is one of the best selections in the country. There are over 122 guest rooms to choose from, so visitors have plenty of excuses to spend the night!

Casino #2: Playland Casino

This modern casino has all the electronic games punters love!

When searching for places to play pokies, few casinos can compete with Playland. This is due to the fact that this North City venue prides itself on providing unmatched electronic gaming options. Their casino floor is bursting at the seams with 200 gaming machines that cover pokies, blackjack, bingo and video poker. Their selection is only outdone by their hospitality, so come enjoy an unlimited amount of slots in a cosy atmosphere.

Casino #1: Emerald Casino Clondalkin Q’s

Dublin Casinos
Enjoy the biggest gaming venue in Ireland.

This is the biggest casino in Ireland, so it’s only fitting that its gaming selection is just as epic. On top of being located in the heart of Dublin’s nightlife area, this venue provides a welcome catalogue of casino classics. Punters get access to 200 pokies machines, 8 table games and 20 poker tables. This casino routinely hosts poker tournaments, so come get a piece of the action!

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