The Best Places to Play Pokies in Egypt

Explore the Best Places to Play Pokies in Egypt
Explore the Best Places to Play Pokies in Egypt

As tourism in Egypt continues to enjoy a welcome rebound, so is their casino industry. This trend isn’t surprising, since Egypt is home to some of the most fascinating ruins in the world. On top of providing exclusive access to ancient civilizations, these cultural sites illuminate essential parts of human history. Now that the threat of terrorism is fading, Egypt is poised for a renaissance. Over 8.3 million tourists visited in 2017, which was 54% higher than in 2016. This $7.6 billion industry is poised to expand into an even bigger bonanza in 2019, which is paving the way for more casinos. Let’s find out and Explore the Best Places to Play Pokies in Egypt.

Egypt Casinos

Now that Egypt is being seen as a safe destination for tourists, the stage is set for more pokies options. Gambling is strictly prohibited in most of the Middle East, which makes Egypt the closest place for punters to visit. Boasting 17 legal gambling facilities, this once neglected country is already the gambling hub of the Middle East. While most of these venues are in Cairo, a couple of casinos are located in Taba and Sharm el Sheikh. 

Despite boasting modest amounts of games by international standards, these casinos have a unique charm. Most of Egypt’s casinos are built on the first floor of sprawling hotels and resorts. These strategic sleeping options give guests breathtaking views of the surrounding cultural sites. As Egypt’s tourism continues to grow, punters can expect more options to open up. To highlight the potential of this budding industry, we compiled a list of the best casinos in Egypt. These venues are pioneering legal gambling in the Middle East, so don’t hesitate to jump onboard their revolution during your next trip!

Places to Play Pokies in Egypt

Casino #3: Crockford’s Cairo

This venue is located inside one of Cairo’s most gorgeous hotels.

When it comes to breathtaking locations in Cairo, this casino steals the show. It’s nestled inside the Nile Ritz-Carlton, which provides immediate access to the hotel’s amenities. Aside from its 349 luxury rooms, this 12-story hotel boasts three bars, four restaurants, two lounges, a spa, a 24-hour fitness centre, a salon and an outdoor pool. 

While these entertainment options are enticing, the real action is on their casino game floor. Spanning 12,500 square feet, this is easily one of the most luxurious places to gamble in Cairo. In total, they offer 30 pokies machines, 15 gaming tables and 10 electronic roulette terminals. This is an exceptional place to stay, so book a room to avoid missing out on the action!

Casino #2: Omar Khayyam Casino

Enjoy quality games in a posh environment.

This bustling venue is located in the Cairo Marriott Hotel. While hotel guests get access to the Health Club, whirlpool, tennis courts and swimming pool, this isn’t the main attraction for punters. Being tucked away in a luxury resort has its perks since visitors get access to a surprisingly complete selection of games. Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and pokies are all available onsite. With 80 gaming machines and 15 table games, this casino is an oasis for pokies lovers. Visiting this gorgeous casino is an experience, which makes it well worth the effort to incorporate it into your trip!

Casino #1: Casino Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt-Explore the Best Places to Play Pokies in Egypt
This resort provides exclusive access to the Red Sea.

Out of all the casinos on our list, this venue offers the most breathtaking amenities. It’s part of the Maritim Jolie Ville Resort that’s located right on the beach of the Red Sea. This luxurious resort has 335 rooms, 4 bars, 5 restaurants, a disco and a private beach. Even though the hotel has everything a guest could imagine, its casino is equally impressive.

The casino is only 7 km from downtown Sharm El Sheikh, which provides easy access to both worlds. While the luxury hotel is impressive, their casino’s game selection is unmatched in Egypt. Visitors get access to 15 table games, 97 gaming machines and 3 poker tables. This is the largest selection of pokies options in the country, so make it a point to stop by!

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