Where to Play Pokies in Bendigo? Best Pubs and Sports bars in Bendigo

Situated in the centre of the State of Victoria, Bendigo is a big city with plenty of options to entertain and have a fun time. Located about 150 KM from Melbourne, the state capital, Bendigo is an inland city but it does not mean it does not have much to offer. The city is flocked by several visitors and one of their favourite activities for them is playing the pokie machines that are immensely popular throughout all of Australia. Here are the Best Places to Play Pokies in Bendigo.

Let’s find out the best places where you can actually play pokies and have a great time in Bendigo. Although most people know how to play the pokies, there is something else they have to find out about in Bendigo. They should know where they can play the pokies. Here are the best places where you can play pokies in Bendigo! 

Best Places to Play Pokies in Bendigo

1. Sports Bars

Sports Bars
Sports Bars

Watching a live sporting event on a big screen could ideally be a great option for entertainment but the degree of excitement found in casinos and the ability to play the pokies at the sports bar add to this excitement which also becomes a great alternative for many people. It becomes a combination of the sports, the food, the drink and the pokies available there makes this a very good place to spend some time. Below is the best combination!

  • All Seasons Hotel
  • Tom and Fayes Bar of Beer

2. Bowling Clubs

Bowling Clubs
Bowling Clubs

These clubs are also a great place where you can enjoy and meet other people and play. Here the game of lawn bowling is one great attraction including the pokies machines that the bowling clubs also offer. A day of bowling followed by spending quality time playing pokies is something you would love to enjoy. There are many bowling clubs that can be found in Bendigo.

  • Bendigo Bowling Club
  • Bendigo Vri Bowling Club
  • Bendigo East Bowling Club

3. RSL Clubs

 RSL Clubs
RSL Clubs

Returned and Service league clubs are yet another great place for you to meet, relax, enjoy some food and play your favourite pokie machines. The RSL clubs do have several pokies to choose from and are the favourite place for plenty of pokie enthusiasts to play their machines.

Bendigo RSL Club

In addition, a trip to Melbourne will also help you find many other RSL clubs to play.

4. Pubs and Bars

Pubs and Bars
Pubs and Bars

Finally, being a pokie enthusiast, you can also visit the bars and pubs that are found in Bendigo. These local spots offer a great alternative to the crowded scene at other venues for pokie machines. The best of the bars in Bendigo include:

  • Metro and Pugg Mahones
  • Bakers Bar & Cafe