5 Best Android Wear Apps

Android wear apps

Android wear apps at Google Play are generally free to install. Tens of apps are useful. How do you decide which one you want?

It is your choice and preference which one you want for your smartwatch. My choice is not stable. I keep on experimenting with apps that are both new and old.

If you ask me what is my best Android wear apps, then utility apps are what I want so that my life becomes easier and more productive.

Top 5 Android Wear Apps

1. Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder app
Water Drink Reminder app

About AppWhat it offers
Water Drink ReminderRemind you of your water intake
Launched: 2016Syncs weight data with Google Fit.
Developer: Leap Fitness GroupTrack your water consumption

The premium app costs $2.99 – $3.49 per item.

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2. Simple Wear

Simple wear app
Simple wear app

About AppWhat it offers
Simple WearYou can control apps on phone from the watch
Launched: 2019Lock Phone
Developed by: Simple App ProjectsControl Data

3. Find My Parked Car

Find my car parked
Find my car parked

About AppWhat it offers
Find my Parked CarDetect parking location
Launched: 2015Find walking directions
Developed by: Ofir MironAlarm for metered parking

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Did you know? To complete your payment when you make an in-app purchase on your watch, the Play Store opens a purchase page on your Android phone automatically. 

4. Youtube Music

Youtube music app
Youtube music app

About AppWhat it offers
Youtube Music100 million official songs
Launched: 2015Music content including live performances
Developer: GooglePlaylists

TIP: To get or update apps, your watch must run Wear OS 2 or newer.

5. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy voice recorder
Easy voice recorder

About AppWhat it offers
Easy Voice RecorderRecord classes and lectures 
Launched: 2012Capture interviews and meetings
Developer: DigipomQuickly switch between voice notes, meetings & lectures

Pro version costs $1.79 – $5.49 per item.

TIP: Make sure your watch is connected to Wi-Fi or on LTE to search and download apps.

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Final Thoughts

Android Wear apps are useful for me, especially ones that keep me fit and healthy. The second type of apps that work best for me are Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube Music because I need them when I am on a drive.

Remember that you can download various apps from the Google Play Store to your watch. Some apps work with a matching app on the phone that’s connected to your watch.

Which app works for you depends on your choice of what you want from that app and how useful it will be.


How can I install an app on my Android Wear?

To install an Android Wear app, you need only visit the Google Play Store, find the app you want, and install it.

How many types of apps are available?

You can find fitness, productivity, utility and many other useful apps for smartwatches.

Do I need to install the app on mobile also?

Yes, a few apps need to be installed both on wear and mobile to get their full functionality.

How to remove an app I don’t want?

If you don’t want an app, Tap the app, then scroll to the bottom and tap Uninstall.

How to update an app on wear?

Under “Updates Available,” choose Update All or choose an app to update. That’s it. The update will be completed, and you will be done.

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