Best Android Wear Apps

Best Android Wear Apps
Best Android Wear Apps

A new wave of Android Wear apps hopes to entice more users into switching over to this struggling industry. Even though Android Wear is far from dominating sales charts, it has come up with some interesting surprises. Their recent update to Marshmallow is opening up doors to a slew of more advanced apps. From customized watch faces to helpful apps, the options for new programs compatible with smartwatches are steadily improving.

To bring your smartwatch to life, you are going to need to pick the right apps. Wading through this new tsunami of options can be overwhelming, so we decided to give you a list of our favourite smartwatch apps. Let this comprehensive list guide you to your next favourite app!

Top 5 Android Wear Smart Watch Apps 2022

App #1: RedFeed for Reddit

Android Wear App 1
RedFeed gives you breaking news on your watch!

If you love browsing Reddit you will fall head over heels for this app! RedFeed has been around for a while on smartphones, but recently it made its debut on smartwatches. Now you can scroll through all of your favourite subreddits on your watch! This is perfect for situations where you don’t want to use your smartphone or need a quick laugh. It also makes for a unique conversation starter with co-workers & friends!

App #2: Wear Sound Meter

Wear Sound Meter
Wear Sound Meter

Ever wonder how loud something is? Wear Sound Meter removes the mystery by giving you a down-the-decibel reading of any noise. While most people won’t need this app there are a certain few who definitely will. This app is perfect for checking to see if your venue adheres to sound limits or if a construction site is invading your privacy. This app is also a favourite for people who are innately curious.

App #3: Lock my Phone

Android Wear 3
Keep your smartphone secure with Lock my Phone.

While this may seem like the most simple app in the world, it does have its uses. For those of us who need to lock our phones in an emergency, this app will be your salvation. If you have your smartphone connected to a display, sometimes things go wrong. If you are far away from your phone now you can easily lock it from a distance to save your reputation. The app is also useful for those who need to lock phones who have fallen into the hands of children. With this app, your smartphone is never out of reach!

App #4: Wear Timelase Calculator

Android Wear 4
Wear Timelase Calculator is a video editor’s best friend.

Any aspiring filmmaker knows the importance of a good time-lapse. Whether you are setting a scene, editing video clips or more this app will save your project. Get accurate readings so you can take your video editing to the next level.

App #5: Recordr – Sound Recorder Pro

Android Wear 5
Recordr is the epic sound recorder that has it all.

There are already a lot of sound recording apps available for smartwatches, but Recordr still manages to stand out. They offer the best package since it covers every aspect you need. It also allows for incognito recording with your smartwatch, so nothing gets missed. Try out this revolutionary app today!

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