Avoid the Worst Places to Play Pokies in Las Vegas

Despite being branded as a punter’s paradise, there are plenty of pokies options that should be avoided in Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to most punters, not all pokies machines are created equally. Depending on the type of machine and its location, the payout percentages can vary wildly. This is especially true for pokies machines that are heavily advertised on the strip, since they lure in the most users. These gorgeous machines have a dark secret, since behind the flashiest lights lurk the least favorable payout percentages.

Even though some pokies machine tricks have become infamous, most punters remain oblivious to the most detrimental pitfalls. Most visitors know that games on the strip have worse odds, but they continue to fall into lesser known traps. This is a tragedy, since trips to Sin City are costly enough without losing big in casinos. Fortunately, knowing what to avoid for is half the battle. By taking a few factors into consideration, punters can save themselves a ton of money when visiting Vegas.

To help our readers enjoy less frustrating vacations in Vegas, we compiled a list places to avoid playing pokies in. Despite not being common knowledge, the machines at these establishments are notoriously skewed. Avoiding these pokies options can make anyone’s trip more enjoyable, so stop throwing away your money and start playing strategically!

Places to Skip When Playing Pokies in Vegas


Killing time in the airport can be costly.

Area #1: The Airport – Due to a staggering amount of competition, most pokies machines at casinos have relatively high payout rates. Slots at the Palms boast a 93.42% payout rate while the machines at the Bellagio have a 87.42% rate. Even though there’s plenty of variation amongst casinos, nowhere is the disparity more evident than at the airport. The McCarran International Airport is the only way to fly out of Vegas, and they take advantage of this strategic position.

When visiting this notorious airport, tourists are greeted with a robust amount of pokies machines. The selection is great and each machine is positioned in heavily transitioned areas. Despite appearing to be the best way to kill time in-between flights, these machines are known tourist traps. Sporting an abusive payout rate of 85.02%, these machines have the lowest return out of any gaming option in Las Vegas. All of these gorgeous machines are paid for by curious flyers, so avoid them at all costs.


These gorgeous machines hide ugly payout rates.

Area #2: The Venetian – Even though pokies machines at the airport have notoriously bad payout rates, they face stiff competition from the Venetian. When visiting Vegas for the first time, most tourists are told about the Venetian’s epic selection of pokies machines. While this is undeniable, no one gets told about the catch. There are 1,247 slot games in the Venetian and 1,038 pokies options at the Palazzo, which creates the perfect trap.

Dazzled by this wonderful selection of games, many punters forget to check what the payout rate is. The Venetian hides an 86.66% payout rate on their pokies machines, which is only slightly better than the airport. Most respectable casino’s offer rates that exceed 90%, so avoid this tempting selection and play somewhere that’s more advantageous.


Some stores in Vegas offer more than just snacks.

Area #3: Convenience Stores – Back in the day, any store in Vegas could have a few pokies machines onsite. Thanks to a new wave of legislations, the amount of companies who can comply with the stringent restrictions are limited. Now this gaming option is only boasted by major retailers such as 7-11, AM/PM and Circle K. While it may seem convenient to play pokies while purchasing chips, it’s far from profitable. These machines are rumored to have similar payout rates to the airport, so avoid them and hit the casinos.

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