Avalon Mobile Slot


Avalon is a game many of us know through our desktop online casino enjoyment; in fact it’s one of the biggest online slots you can look forward to playing. There may be a few of you that have never heard of or played the Avalon slot and if this is the case then you are in luck as we are about to tell you the wonders of the Avalon mobile slot, the phone version of this iconic online slot game.

Avalon Game Story

The Avalon game story line throws you back into the time of King Arthur, the legend of old from England where King Arthur and his knights of the round table went on quests for the good of the realm.

Whether the tales of King Arthur are mythical or not is one many still try to work out. Story has it that the tales could be of King Alfred the Great, but we are never likely to find out the truth. What we do know is that this wonderful story is the backdrop to the immense Avalon mobile slot.

Avalon Game Play

With twenty pay lines and five reels, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a simple online slot like any other, but you will be wrong…dont worry we forgive you!

The game itself is easy to play and why many people love Avalon is not just because of the storyline but also because the slot is one of the most stable. By stable we mean that many low value prizes are awarded so you can keep playing, not like some slots that simply take your money.

The Avalon symbol is the one to watch out for as five of these pays a huge three thousand coins, with a multiplier you can even make this jackpot higher!