How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Pokies?

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile pokies?
How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Mobile Pokies?

Artificial Intelligence is the term now often used by gamers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually defined as the simulation of human intelligence demonstrated by computers.  AI is more powerful than humans because it has the ability to process data much faster; and in much bigger chunks.

AI is used by Big companies

Google, Apple, and many other companies already use state-of-the-art AI to achieve a better user experience. If you ever used personal assistants on mobiles such as Siri; or used speech recognition software; you probably witnessed the latest achievements of AI.

AI is used by Big companies
AI is used by Big companies

The casino industry is already using AI to improve customer experience; but some people object to this technology—fearing it may interfere with businesses related to casinos; and affect games so as to change the outcome in favour of casinos. On the other hand, casino made some bold claims. They state that players may use AI in the future to sway the probability in their favour.

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Pokies

The primary focus is on online casino pokies because they seem too exposed and easy to meddle with. However, casino games don’t use artificial intelligence that would affect the gameplay; and punch players below the belt; and neither can players use AI to make casino games work in their favour.

Casino Games also use Artificial intelligence
Casino Games also use Artificial intelligence.

AI has been a part of the gaming industry for a long time, in one way or another. One of the most notable examples can be seen in opponents in first-person shooter (FPS) games who “think for themselves” and learn about players’ movements in order to develop a strategy and defeat them.

As a matter of fact, this technology has become so intertwined with contemporary video games that it is pretty impossible to think of a game that doesn’t use some kind of AI to support non-player characters (NPCs) and objects. Furthermore, some games were dummies for testing the latest breakthroughs in AI; and proved useful for improving some aspects of the underlying technology.

AI improves the Online casino experience.

AI can improve user experience on online casino platforms. Apart from that, one cannot really find instances of AI in these types of games. It is safe to say that artificial intelligence positively affects the game experience; but it still cannot affect the actual outcome of games based on luck. Reputable casinos will never let any external factor affect the outcome or make games unfair in any way.

AI is used to improve Online casino experience
AI is used to improve the Online casino experience

Twenty years ago, IBM’s Deep Blue computer beat famous chess player Garry Kasparov. Six matches were played by the machine and the highly-skilled player, but the supercomputer proved to be tough competition. A rematch took place the following year but, again, Deep Blue came out on top.

More recently, in January 2017, Liberatus AI claimed victory in thousands of poker hands against top-rated players in Heads-Up-No-Limit Hold’em.

AI develops more realistic competitors.

A common complaint among casino players is that the ‘bots’ they play against in simulated table; and card games are not challenging or realistic enough, causing them to grow bored with the games on offer in mobile casinos. AI can be used to develop more realistic simulated competitors, who use their opponent’s data and behaviour to decide which move to make, rather than the game producing a random outcome every time. The AI essentially learns from previous rounds, and therefore continuously improves.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile pokies

This is only the beginning of AI’s influence over the way casinos operate. to sum up, how Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile pokies following are the features of AI at mobile casinos.

AI and mobile casinos

Incorporating AI technology into mobile casinos means they would be able to track the activity of players from their user accounts. This data allows for a better user experience, as players can essentially step into a mobile casino available just for them, and use it to determine their fundamental interests.

As an example, if you played Rainbow Riches pokies game several days in a row, this activity would be detected by AI technology, and the data collected would be used to tailor game suggestions to your specific interests. Imagine loading up the mobile casino and seeing a collection of games selected especially for you. You can then quickly access the games that you actually want to play, and save the time you would have otherwise spent sifting through hundreds of different titles until you find one that appeals to you.

1. AI can stop you from being addicted to pokies.

The benefit that AI can bring to the mobile casino is the ability to detect gambling addiction sooner than your average casino would. When AI technology uses your activity and history to provide a more personalized mobile casino experience, this same concept can also be applied to problem gambling patterns.

If a player is using the mobile casino alarmingly often or spending a large amount of money in one go, this mobile casino knows as soon as it occurs. Analyzing player data and behaviour is the most efficient way to detect gambling addiction as soon as the problem arises. Individual players can be flagged, and the mobile casino can then analyze the digital footprint they’re playing at. The account may then be suspended, and support may be offered before the problem spirals out of control.

2. AI can detect game hackers.

Mobile casinos can use AI software to protect themselves from cheating players. AI has the capability to scope out cheating players in the same way it analyses behaviour in order to safeguard others.

It’s a lot harder to monitor players in a mobile casino than it is in a land-based one. Face-to-face, the dealer or security staff can keep a close eye on what’s happening on the casino floor. Mobile casinos do not possess this ability. You can’t surveil mobile casino players in their homes or out and about.

This potentially gives players the chance to use probability programs or their own AI bot to gain an advantage and basically cheat their way to a win. This isn’t just unfair to the mobile casino, but also to the other players. AI can quickly identify and eliminate cheating players from a game.

3. AI does not affect the RTP of pokies.

RTP is one of the most important factors that you should take into account when choosing online pokies. This abbreviation stands for Return to Player, which is a figure representing the money that the player gets back via rewards. Like if the RTP is 95 per cent, the casino will take $5 for every $100 deposited in the game, while lucky players will get $95 back into their pockets.

AI cannot gain insight into how RTP is calculated that is kept secret by software development companies. At the moment, it is virtually impossible for AI to affect RTP. However, if it accessed RTP algorithms, it would be able to affect them. All pokies have strong security measures that make it impossible for any type of harmful technology to penetrate them.

4. AI can prevent fraud transactions.

As credit card fraud is a prevailing problem online, introducing AI into mobile casinos could solve this problem and keep players safe. AI technology is able to analyze behavioural patterns every time you log into your account, which means it can detect when an imposter may be using your account. Suppose if you usually play pokies machines at $1 bets and then suddenly your account starts placing hundreds of pounds on a VIP table game, AI will pick up on this change in behaviour and send you an alert.

AI technology is developing at a rapid speed and gradually it is integrating into various industries in various forms. It’s surely only a matter of time before it gets into mobile casinos; although at the moment, it’s still early days and AI mobile casinos will surely give an advanced mobile casino experience. (with inputs from various news sites)

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