Jumpstart Your Diet With These 4 Apps

Jumpstart Your Diet With These 4 Apps
Jumpstart Your Diet With These 4 Apps

Apps to start a new diet help you maintain your fitness. In a world where a staggering amount of people are obese, more people are turning to apps for diet tips. Today over 2 billion people are overweight, which accounts for 30% of the population.

Whether you are a new player or regular one sitting on couch and playing games for hours also causes you to weight gain. Thanks to poor diets and sedimentary lifestyles, these shocking figures are only increasing. Fortunately, technology is able to help us combat this troubling trend. Instead of having to hire nutritionists, mobile users are downloading apps to tackle their dietary needs. This is becoming a godsend since most people are already feeling the financial strain.

On top of taking the guesswork out of dieting, these apps are piquing the public’s interest in getting fit. Now that quality meal plans are widely available for free, there’s no excuse not to get in shape. Thanks to a slew of new programs, adjusting your diet has never been easier. Every year more dieting apps are released, which has created a shockingly large selection for overweight users.

Even though this increased availability is welcome, it does cause a few problems. The diet app niche is so inundated with releases that many quality programs get overlooked. This makes picking the best nutrition app an intimidating chore that routinely stalls people’s transformations. To help address this issue, we compiled a list of the best dieting apps available. These programs are available for both iOS and Android, so quit making excuses and start revolutionizing your health today!

Best 4 Apps to Start a New Diet

Diet App #4: FatSecret (Free)

Apps to Start a New Diet
FatSecret (Free)

FatSecret offers an easy-to-use food diary for you to track as well as plan in advance what you’re going to eat. Image recognition of food and meals makes it even easier to add what you’re eating, with a community that’s keen to advise on how best to proceed. A weight tracking tool, along with barcode scanning, rounds off the package.

Diet App #3: My Diet Coach

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This innovative app has seven useful features. The free version provides access to a diet diary, perseverance tips, motivational photos, and daily reminders. The pro version includes a weight chart, points system, and food craving panic button.

A calorie counter, BMI calculator and helpful reminders compliment all these features. The latter tells users when to drink water and prepare meals. Users can also customize the avatar to look like themselves, which adds a personal touch to the app. At the end of the day, this is the perfect program to help people stay on track with their diet.

Diet App #2: Weight Track Assistant

Weight Tracker
Weight Tracker

No matter what type of diet you are trying to stick to, this app is ready to help. You can check it easily with the app. It’s a useful tool to help you track weight daily and archive your weight goal. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, tracking your progress is very important.

When you log your weight, it will calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), body fat percentage, BMR and let you know if you are underweight, in good weight or overweight. In addition that you can track you weight three times a day to get the accurate weight. Then you can set your goal and record daily weight.

Diet App #1: MyFitnessPal


Out of all the dieting apps, none have a more robust database than MyFitnessPal. Once users add some general information about themselves, they instantly get access to over 5 million foods. The app utilizes the user’s target goals and massive database to create a custom diet. From there, users are treated to a daily calorie goal that diminishes after each meal.

The developers at MyFitnessPal know that exercise is an essential complement to dieting, so they connected it to fitness platforms. This allows users to combine results from Fitbit and Withings all in one area. Thanks to this complete program, it’s never been easier to start losing weight!

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