Android Apps Vs iPhone Apps – What you need to know

Android Vs iPhone
With so many of mobile phoned in the market nowadays it is often difficult to think of which one to use. Apple and Android phones are the common ones which people look for along with other smart phones. Apple phones run on iOS and Android phone runs on various software and programs like the Kitkat and Jellybean. The Apps for mobiles have flooded the market too.

These apps work on many of all the Smartphone devices. However these apps have few differences. Let us know few things that are not common for these apps when running on Android and iPhones.

The Coding Language

It is not commonly known by a layman that Android Apps and iPhone Apps are not similar as far as coding language of these software are concerned. iPhone Apps are programmed in a language called Objective-C and the developer needs an Intel based Mac device for the programming work.  Apple device screen sizes are few and help the developers to easily test the designs and the apps.

In contrasts Android Apps are programmed in Java; generally using a set of open-source tools. Though it’s using one language, the main issue faced by Android developers is the large number of Android devices and screen sizes that are available in the market. This makes the testing harder, and sometimes it can give unpredictable results in some devices.

Games in Mobile

To play games in iPhone has an upper hand. Gaming Apps for iPhone are more in number than Android games. Some of the most popular games are exclusive to Apple devices including “Sims”, Planets Vs. Zombies”, and “Mass Effect.”

Facebook and Twitter

Apps like Facebook and Twitter are available on the iPhone, but may not function as well as on an Android device. Android apps allow for a faster social update. This will add convenience and save time.

Music, Photos and Movies

The iPhone emerged as the strongest tool to playback various forms of media including music, pictures, and movies.  Apple uses iTunes to help a person listen to songs, television shows, and movies which are quite simple to manage and access. Whereas Android devices need a third party application or software to run these media files.

Streaming Music

Both Android apps and iPhone apps work well to stream music. Apple apps like Pandora and Rhapsody are available on Android devices. However, most will have widgets in Android which delete the need to use an App. But in Apple phones it does allow a person to stream music through the iPhone’s menu, but the apps need to be launched first. When a new app is launched, it is essential to return to the other app and play the music over.

Reading ebooks

Earlier iPhones were not used to read eBooks. But soon apps were developed which allowed both Apple and Android phones to read eBooks. Both platforms contain similar apps from Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Android phones users have a benefit of copying a file onto a USB drive without needing a special app.

As now understood that both the mobile devices have advantages of using apps but some apps run better on either of them like Andorid phones are better for streaming music and social networking where as Apple phones hold on best to their gaming apps and movies and photos.