How is Amaysim $10 plan best for low data users?

Amaysim planAmaysim has launched $10 unlimited talk and text mobile plan for low data users.  Packed with incredible value, including unlimited standard talk and text in Australia, 1GB of data and no lock-in contracts, this small but mighty mobile plan is perfect for low data users, the cost-conscious and even Wi-Fi hunters. It’s also the best value-for-money you can get at the $10 price point.

What you get with $10?

You get unlimited 1 GB Data with Optus 4G Plus network you get additional data if your run out of $10/ 1GB in your amaysim mobile or data-only plan and  how you’ll be charged will depend on the plan you’re using.

Amaysim will send you data usage alerts along the way through a combination of email and text messages to let you know when you’ve used up 50%, 85% and 100% of your data allowance.

Regardless of the plan you’re using, if you exceed your plan’s included data and plan to continue using data, you can have  adding extra data (1GB/$10) and it’s easy and a much more cost effective way to continue using data.

You get unlimited talk and text with standard calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles and landlines. With calls to 13 and 18 numbers plus voicemail and renews automatically every 28 days for $10.

Prepaid Unlimited

If you run out of the included data in your Unlimited plan, you’ll be switched to their casual data rate of 15.4c/MB, however you’ll only be charged this rate if you have additional credit in your account.

The Unlimited 1GB and Unlimited 2.5GB plans will not be switched to the casual data rate if you run out of data. In these instances you’ll need to wait until your plan has renewed, or add a data top-up in order to continue using data.

Regardless of what Unlimited plan you’re using, if you run out of data it’s recommend adding a data top-up (1GB/$10). Your data top-up will be added to your plan’s pool of data and will expire at the same time as your Unlimited plan.

Postpaid Unlimited

To give you continuous access to data and help you avoid excess charges, instead of having to pay 15.4c/MB for excess usage, Amaysim automatically add a 1GB top-up for $10 if you run out of your plans included data.

Data top-ups will expire at the same time as your Unlimited plan and if you use up your 1GB data top-up before your plan renews, and Amaysim simply add another one so you can avoid any nasty bill blowouts.

Amaysim plan $10

With auto renewal it’s the hassle-free way to ensure your amaysim service is uninterrupted and means won’t need to do anything to recharge your plan each month.

Each time a plan is added (or re-added) to an account, auto-renew is switched on by default. This means you’ll need to manually switch auto-renew off once a new renewal period has started if you do not want to renew your plan. This can be done at any point through the amaysim app or My amaysim or by sending an SMS to 568.

To manage auto-renew through the amaysim app, log in to the app and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Click manage your plan and you’ll be able to enable/disable auto-renew for your plan.

To manage auto-renew through My amaysim, log in and head to Manage Plan. Here you’ll be able to enable/disable auto-renew for your plan in the Plan Settings area at the top of the page.

To disable auto-renew using the 568 SMS services, text STOP followed by your plan’s name to 568 – for example, if you’re using one of the Unlimited mobile plans simply text STOP UNLIMITED to 568 to switch off auto-renew.

Note this plan does not have premium services and is for use in Australia only.