Adventure Palace Pokies

Adventure Palace Pokies
Adventure Palace Pokies

The penny pokie game Adventure Palace is thrilling more and more gamers every day. The pokie is very popular for its use of colourful symbols like swans, elephants, king cobras, tigers, the deck of cards, the tiger and the monkey.

This is a jungle theme gone wild. The pokie is enriched by jungle sounds that add to the feel of the game.

Adventure Palace Pokies – Download it from a reliable source

There are plenty of mobile casinos to choose from when you are looking for your Adventure Palace mobile app but the one that sticks out a little more is Platinum Play Casino.

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The Features

Adventure Palace is a 9-pay line, 5-reel pokie that offers many opportunities for winning. This pokie makes great use of the scatter symbol, wild symbol and multiplier. The play has plenty of opportunities to earn free spins as well.

This pokie is great for the player happy with betting a penny or the daring gamer who wants to bet more. This pokie is all about filling the reels with the appropriate symbols to cash in on the winnings.

How Adventure Palace is Played

How Adventure Palace is Played
How Adventure Palace is Played

The elephant is the wild symbol in Adventure Palace and it can take the place of just about any symbol besides the scatter. When the elephant symbol is used and a win occurs the cash winnings are doubled. The scatter symbol is the Palace.

When the player decides to use the scatter button then the credits he has already accrued will be multiplied if they win. Should the player put between 3-5 scatter in play they will be awarded 15 free spins and their winnings will triple should they win.

Bonuses To Be Won

In Adventure Place the player will have a chance to save their winnings or take a chance and gamble on them. If they decide to take the risk and gamble then they will have to choose the colour of the card that appears on the screen face down.

Should they choose wisely then they will double their winnings. If they feel lucky enough to choose the suit of the card as well; then they will quadruple their winnings.

Gamble in the jungle

Gamble in the jungle
Gamble in the jungle

Adventure Palace offers a gamble feature for those players who just can’t get enough adrenaline. The gamble feature is available to activate whenever a player lands a winning spin and it gives them a chance to either double or quadruple that winning amount.

When players hit the gamble button, they will be taken to a second screen where they will see a turned-over playing card. Players will have two options. First, they can try to guess the colour of the card. If they make a correct guess then they will double their winnings.

Alternatively, players can up the ante by attempting to guess the suit of the card. If they guess the correct suit then they will quadruple the winnings.

Players can keep gambling for five rounds or until they reach the gamble limit which is 2,500 credits. If a player makes a wrong guess at any point of the gamble feature, they will lose all of the original winnings plus any that were accumulated prior to the gamble game.

In the Jungle

In the jungle, the not too shabby jungle
In the jungle, the not too shabby jungle

This pokies machine is a little bit on the basic side of things, especially with so many modern titles boasting spectacular 3D graphics and explosive animations. However, in some ways, the simplistic aspect of this game gives it a simple charm.

The overall gameplay is good but not mind-blowing, simply because free spins and gambling games are quite common features across the slot machine platform.

However, the multiplier feature does make this game a little bit more exciting. Plus, the potential boost in profits will make the adventure all the more worthwhile.


Adventure Palace offers a lot of fun to the gamer who likes to take chances. The colours, sounds and graphics are enlightening and the pokie is plain and simply fun to play. In the end, isn’t that the most important thing?

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