How does Access 4000 App Work to Help People with Disabilities?

Access 4000
How does Access 4000 App Work to Help People with Disabilities?

Access 4000 is an app that helps people with disabilities to navigate their way around and allows them to target the sort of venue they desire to access with the required features that a venue must have. Thus this app builds momentum for accessible communities by identifying accessible venues and infrastructure.

This app was launched in June 2017 by the Brisbane-based disability support service Carers Link, in partnership with Disability Support Queensland, for people with disability and frail older people.

Access 4000 acts as a driver for people with a physical disability and other mobility issues, accessing transport, community venues and businesses in Brisbane and other areas in Australia. As the disabled face many challenges in finding information about these access features they opt to stay home but this app it improves their lifestyle.

Access 4000 App – Features

Members of the community can share venues and services that are access friendly, such as businesses that provided wheelchair ramps, disabled toilets and parking. Venue categories include train stations, ferries, libraries and public pools, as well as tourist attractions and shopping centres. Accessibility features include disabled parking and toilets, wheelchair/pram access, and support for low vision or blindness.

How to get started with this app

Access 4000 app
How to get started with this app

Download the Access 4000 app all free from the iTunes store if you own an iOS device like iPhone or from Google play if you own an Android.

  • Register yourself by creating an account
  • Now log in with your user name and password
  • Select a category from the given categories
  • Search for venues under the given categories
  • Look out for the features or services they provide for disabled
  • You can easily swipe to change the category or venue and press to select the feature you wish to access.

Suppose you are using a wheelchair you can search the venues that provide this feature for the old and disabled. So it’s great to know ahead of time what access features a business has, such as wheelchair ramps and gives you the confidence and the motivation to go out.

Now you no need to call to get the information you want.

The app is also improving with new categories to add additional sensory features and other functions, as well as to expand the app to all of Queensland.

Access 4000 uses map-based technology to allow people to find businesses and venues across Brisbane as of now that offer the accessibility features they require. Users can filter their searches by venue or the type of accessibility feature.

Note that you need an iOS 8.1 or later compatible devices for your iPhone and 4.1 and up for Android devices.

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