9 Top Card Games for Android Users

Card games are a great source of entertainment. You can play it anywhere and everywhere. They are small enough to fit into a bag for travel, and there are many different kinds of card games to select from. Still, there are three major varieties. It includes classic card games like Poker, Spades, and Solitaire, second is some complex card games like Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and Reigns; and finally, you have your party card games like Exploding Kittens. We have a selection of both varieties on this list. Here I have rounded up 9 top card games for Android users!

9 Top Card Games for Android Users

1. Clash Royale

Price: Free to play

This game is one of the most popular card games ever. It is played a lot like Hearthstone and features many of the same mechanics. In this game, you will have to collect cards based on the characters of the Clash of Clans universe and then use them to duel other players. It has one of the healthiest online communities out there. You can even join a clan to share cards and challenge clan members. As a freemium game, this is great but at least it still plays well.


2. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Price: Free to play

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

It’s one of the better card games that compete with games like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone. You’ll accumulate cards, build a deck, and then duel opponents. It features a campaign mode, an online PvP mode, and more. The elements have lanes to add an extra strategical mechanic to the combat. It’ll be good whenever it comes out. You can pre-register now at least.


3. Clue

Price: $1.99 with in-app purchases


This game is the remake of the classic board game. You have to shuffle about a map, collect clues and have to guess the killer’s name, the weapon of choice, and the place of the murder. In this game, you need to collect many cards with the suspects, tools, and locations. You then have to play one of each to guess the murderer. There are various micro-transactions in the game as well. They are optional once you pay $1.99 for the main game.

The mobile versions of a lot of those simple card games got set back by the freemium business model. A clue may be stretching the card games a little bit, but it’s still a good game.


4. AI Factory Limited card games

Price: Free / Varies

AI Factory Limited card games

This is a developer on Google Play. AI Factory Limited has made tons of card games and board games. Some of their releases include gin Rummy, Euchre, Solitaire, Spades, and Hearts. These games aren’t complex nor are they much to look at. Still, they are powerful and engaging. This is the best way to get some simple card 90-games on the cheap. They don’t cover much space on your phone and they just work. They are free if you are comfortable with ads. You can get the paid version to get rid of advertising.


5. Exploding Kittens

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Exploding Kittens

This card game is also a unique one and is a successful Kickstarter project. This is played with two to five players. Each player draws cards until one of them gets an exploding kitten. If they don’t get such a card, their game is over right there on the spot. You can also play local multiplayer or with strangers online. You can select from a range of cards for free when you download the game. There are a bunch of extras also available as in-app purchases.


6. Cultist Simulator

Price: $6.99

Cultist Simulator

This game is a roguelike narrative card game. You can play this lot like a board game with a heavy emphasis on card use. One of the amazing things about this game is its lack of a tutorial. You need to learn how to play, losing multiple times, and eventually conquer the game itself. The game also includes a story, actual lore, and some elements of horror. The game runs for $6.99 and is often on sale for less than that. It’s also free with Google Play Pass if you use it.


7. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Price: Free to play

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

This card game is one of the best when you need a break from the main parts of the game. The mobile version takes most of those elements and adds a few more. You will collect all the various bits in the game and construct decks to defeat opponents. The game also has a couple of game modes, great artwork, and quick online PvP for the cards. It works in the same card game genre as games like Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra and competes favourably with them in most instances.


8. Hearthstone

Price: Free to play


It is one of the most popular card games out there. It has a fairly large and loyal following of players that you can see on Twitch or YouTube at your leisure. The game comes with hundreds of cards so that you can build some unique decks. You can also make multiple decks. This adds some variety to the game. It also received semi-regular updates to include new content and the game is almost exclusively multiplayer. This comes for free with in-app purchases. You can also sign up for a Battle.net account and play this game with your save file on your PC. This pattern I quite old, but it’s still pretty good.


9. Pokemon TCG Online

Price: Free to play

Pokemon TCG Online

It is one of the 9 top card games and also a different one from most mobile Pokemon games. You collect the actual monsters in these games and battle them out in most pokemon games. But this one, however, is modelled after the actual card game. You collect cards, create decks, and take on one another in glorious battle. You will find an online PvP mode, a mode to play with friends, and you can even trade cards with other players. With some complaints of its share, this is a game liked by all.



These are the 9 top card games for android users you can play anywhere anytime without having to have any special third-party downloads or software.

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