7 Most Popular Horror Movies on Netflix Australia

Whatever the occasion might be, you’d probably love to watch a good horror movie! I’ve rounded up the top 7 favorite horror movies from the myriad of options you can choose from on Netflix Australia. Whether you love psychological horror or slasher flicks, this list has something for everyone.

1. Annihilation


While Annihilation is watched purely as a sci-fi tinged horror movie, it’s also known as a cerebral film. Annihilation poses big questions about what it means to be human. In this movie you get to see after a small meteor collides with earth, a team of military scientists is tasked with investigating the potential impact. As they explore “The Shimmer”, the team encounter transmuted wildlife, mutated human remains. It only gets weirder from there.

2. Zombieland


This is the story of an unusual band of misfits driving across America terminating zombies and looking for twinkies. They destroy a gift shop, argue over the best Zombie Kill of the Week and encounter with Bill Murray, who plays in one of film history’s greatest cameos. The movie is educational and hilarious.

3. Hereditary


Before Hereditary’s release, it was hyped as the “scariest horror movie ever made”. OF course, Hereditary is scary, but not the way you expect. It is a ghost story and an unnerving portrait of a grieving family, where reality is as uncomfortable as the supernatural. Some moments that might scare you, there’s enough in Hereditary that will burrow deep beneath your skin.

4. The Babysitter


The Babysitter story is about the boy that has a crush on his babysitter with a decent dose of ultra-violence. Mayhem follows when awkward 12-year-old Cole finds his charming babysitter Bee is a participant of a satanic murder cult. Cole accidentally watches some old fashioned human sacrifice that turns a quiet evening into a nightmare. The movie is packed with fun set-pieces, grizzly deaths, and surprisingly some touching moments.

5. The Ritual


The Ritual is Netflix’s original horror that sees four Brits decide to honor their late friend’s memory by hiking through the wilds of Sweden, where they got lost, injured, after an ill-fated night in a seriously creepy abandoned cabin. But things get worse when they realize they are being quietly hunted by something unseen, unnatural and unsurmountable.

6. Creep


Creep is a deeply psychological horror that evades the supernatural for strange danger. The unique twist is found when cash-strapped camera guy Aaron responds to an online job ad for Josef, a man who wants to produce a movie for his unborn child. Josef is weird enough but his behavior gets increasingly bizarre as the day goes on.

7. The Neon Demon


The Neon Demon is a sensory movie at its best. The movie is the story of an aspiring model seeking stardom in LA. You might be put off by a thin narrative and characters, but the film is classic in cinematography, sound design, and editing. It’s backed up by some truly shocking and chilling moments. It’s an experience to watch.


Above-listed is some of the popular and spine chilling horror movies available on Netflix Australia if you’re on the lookout for some quality chilling time. 

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