7 Lessons To Learn About Betting Machines From Australia

The Cameron government plans to curtail the number of fixed odds betting electronic casino games in betting shops, which is being welcomed widely. Although without far-reaching reforms, expecting some drastic reform in gambling in Great Britain appears to be impossible.

It is time to learn some lessons from Australia gambling history, as Australia is known as the capital of gambling worldwide. Poker machine, which is a high-stakes, high-intensity Vegas-style pokies machine, has become popular in clubs and community centers in every state and province except in Western Australia.

7 Lessons To Learn About Betting Machines From Australia

As per an industry analysis, Australians lose more money in gambling per person than any other country. Although the poker-machine gambling losses have reached a point in Australia, the money lost on betting machines has just kicked off in the UK. Let’s find out the lessons we learned from the Australian experience, which we must pay heed to, especially Great Britain:

  1. Restrict the Size and Intensity of Bets: The faster the bets you make and the larger the best size, the faster money you ought to lose. To curb this situation, the maximum bets on fixed odds betting machines should be cut down to £2 from £100 in Great Britain.
  2. Cap the Number of Machines:  The quantity of high-intensity poker machines are proportionate to the number of problem gamblers in New Zealand and Australia. Every poker machine in these two countries is estimated to be integrated with 0.8 people facing gambling problems. Sot the best lesson is to reduce the count of machines.
  3. Prevention is Mandatory: It is always better to prevent than cure. It is better to prioritize the prevention of problem gambling instead of rebuilding their already shattered lives later on.
  4. Limit the Number of Machines Every Shop: In Australia, although the limit has been executed at the state or regional level, several large gambling venues are using their reputation to buy huge numbers of machines. The gambling machines should be limited in large venues as these are more dangerous than the same machines in smaller venues.
  5. Restrict Number of Machines in Poor Communities: The high-end and high-intensity gambling machines in Australia would make the poorest communities pauper. For instance, the Fairfield, Sydney is populated with the poorest 12% in Australia. In Fairfield, there was one poker machine for every 42 adults and each one of the adult residents in this community lost an average of £1,307 in the year 2010-11. Whereas in the harbor in Ku-ring-gai and Willoughby, where the population is among the richest 6% in Australia, with only one poker machine per 231 adults and the losses were just £151 per person.
  6. Limit Technological Implementation: Due to technological evolution, machine manufacturers are always on the lookout to enhance and innovate new ways to make the machines more profitable leading to a more reliable method to increase revenue and making people more addictive. This is specifically true for poker machines, due to huge jackpots and the ability to make multiple small bets simultaneously. All these make poker machines are much more addictive.
  7. Cut Down the Accessibility of Gambling Venues: Making gambling venues easily accessible makes them more dangerous. If any casino is located close to home or workplaces people would tend to go there easily. The studies have shown that proximity to gambling venues increases the risk of creating more problem gamblers.


The British government can act now to avail the once-in-a-generation opportunity to remove dangerous gambling machines from everywhere across the country. Continuous legalization of gambling regulations might lead to Great Britain joining Australia as one of the world’s biggest losers, with many broken lives and further rehabilitation of already deprived communities. This is not only Great Britain but all the countries should learn the above lessons from Australia to enjoy healthy and balanced gambling opportunities in their respective countries.

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