7 Google Chrome Alternatives to Use

Google Chrome is the most popular browser with a massive 60% share, leaving the rest to other web browsers. Although the browsing experience is excellent, such a smooth experience comes at a cost.

Apart from the tracking of Google, the heavy RAM usage that makes your device sluggish is a serious problem while using Google. So, if you are not happy with Google Chrome and want to look for alternatives, I have rounded up the top 7 Google Chrome alternatives for you to look at!

1. Firefox


Mozilla’s Firefox is the most popular alternative to Chrome when in terms of speed and privacy. It also has a dedicated “Tracking Protection” feature to prevent websites from tracking you. Mozilla also introduced the “Firefox Monitor” feature, which notifies you in case your email ID or password is involved in a data breach. It has many Chrome-like features, so you’ll feel like Google browsing.

2. Opera


The Opera browser has been around for quite a very long time now. This Chromium-based browser appears to be Chrome in terms of usage, and it’s equipped with some amazing features like the built-in ad-blocker that lets you surf the internet minus the ads.

It also compresses data to open web pages more quickly using Opera Turbo Mode. In addition, there is a bunch of other useful features like battery saver mode, and you must give it a try to know it better. This is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.

3. Tor Browser


Tor is also a popular choice among people who regularly use privacy-focused browsers. This browser can hide your public IP address by bouncing your connection through several distributed nodes.

It not only protects your browsing history but also hides your physical location to allow you to access region-based content on the internet. The Tor browser works a little slower than Google or Firefox. But it is the best browser if privacy is all that you care about.

4. Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge looks nothing like its predecessor and offers a faster browsing experience than Internet Explorer. This browser comes with its unique features that aren’t available with Chrome.

With the reading list feature, you can create a list of articles you’d like to catch up later. You can also draw, write, and highlight parts of a web page without installing any extensions or plugins. In addition, you can also read both PDF files and eBooks natively and comes with a built-in Cortana integration. It is also packed with Voice assist with Cortana.

5. Brave


This is yet another open-source web browser by the co-founders of the Mozilla. It blocks ads and trackers with a feature called Brave Rewards that allows you to earn blockchain tokens and reward the websites that you visit frequently. You receive tokens every day from the browser that you can donate to the publisher to compensate for the ads that get blocked while browsing.

Using Tab Previews feature you can have a glimpse of what you’re browsing, whereas Tab Pages lets you decide how many tabs per page to view. Instead of a bookmark, you can also pin tabs whenever you need them. You can also manage your multiple social accounts, using the Session Tabs. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

6. Safari


If you use an iOS or macOS, you might have Safari installed on your device. It’s one of the best alternatives to Chrome as it is not only fast but also secure. This browser prevents videos from auto-playing on websites and it also provides a clean user interface in its ‘reading mode’ for avid readers.

You can save content for offline reading, and it comes handy, especially on the iPhone. Available for iOS and macOS, it also runs Netflix in 4K.

7. Torch Browser


The Torch is also an alternative to Google that’s packed with multimedia-based features. This browser has a built-in Media Grabber using which you can save audio or video files from the internet. You can play videos in the Torch Player simultaneously while they are downloading.

With a music extension called “Torch Music”, you can play music for free. It also offers an extension named “Torch Games,” where you can play a plethora of free games right on the browser. With extensions for Gaming, Music, and Social Media this is a great option for Google Chrome.


These are the 7 Google Chrome Alternatives for Google Chrome and can be of help if you’re on the lookout for a substitute for Google for an amazing browsing experience. 

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