7 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Video Australia

Amazon Prime Video Australia offers a great assortment of cinema that are hit from the past twenty years. If you want to catch up on the modern classics you’ve missed or find a blast from the past, here I have rounded up the top 7 movies that are an all-time favorite.

1. Eighth Grade


Eighth Grade is the story of a teen Kayla. Kayla is not a stereotype, she feels like a real person, and her story feels like real life. You’ll recall your eighth grade devastatingly awkward early teen years. You might feel okay about your teen years rather than feeling ashamed by those memories while watching Eighth Grade.

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse


If you’re tired of Marvel’s endless attack of paint-by-numbers blockbusters, Into the Spider-Verse is could be the solution. Eschewing the tried-and-true superhero format, Spider-Verse is an excellent flick with not only one, but six Spider-Men. This movie can only exist in an animated form. But it’s a genuine fun adventure that balances action, humor, and adventure.

3. Hot Fuzz


The story states London’s best cop Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is shifted to the sleepy town of Sandford, where he sees a lot of action. 

Hot Fuzz has much more than just a spoof, it’s a real thrilling ride coupled with mystery, murder and the mother of all action show-downs. It’s co-authored and directed by Edgar Wright who’s popular for his comic-book style directing, amazing dialogue and innovative take on genres. Hot Fuzz is packed with homage and cameos that film buffs will love to watch. You’d love to watch Hot Fuzz if you don’t like cop movies.

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox


Fantastic Mr. Fox is a kind of movie that the entire family can enjoy. Directed by the whimsy wonder-man Wes Anderson, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a masterpiece and visual feast of deadpan comedy, and an action-packed thrill to boot.

5. The Mummy


The Mummy has monsters, adventure, and a villain who looks exactly like the main person from Aqua, and more sharp lines. It may not be quite perfect as per historical or even biological accuracy. But if you’re looking to watch a flesh-eating scarab beetle over ‘reality’, this movie is for you.

6. How to Train Your Dragon


There’s usually something melodramatic about dragons. You’d love the dragon in this movie. The creators of this movie have brought a lifelike authenticity to these fantasy creatures that are rarely seen in the film. You will fall in love with Toothless the Dragon and inspired by his Viking friends. In addition to the captivating creatures, How to Train Your Dragon is a funny and thoughtful storyline about watching a friend where others see a fearsome beast.

7. Side Effects


In this movie, the story is about Emily Taylor. When she becomes depressed following the release of her husband from prison, she tries a new kind of prescription medication for relief. The best part of this movie is the twists. There are many and are shocking and you will not see them coming. The amazing casting of Rooney Mara and Jude Law makes this movie worth a watch.

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