6 Tips to keep your Android Safe and Secure

6 Tips to keep your Android Phone safe and secure

It is an old saying that ‘safety is in your hands’. This is true for your mobile devices too. No one wants to lose their phone that too with all the valuable information it has stored in. Here are the 6 tips that you can have to keep your Android safe and secure.

Tip #1- Have Tracking Apps

You can download tracking apps like Android Device Manager and make it to work by having your device location info turned on. Android Device Manager will report the most recent position of your mobile phone, when it was last online.

Tip #2- Have your Mobile Internet Data On

Also it is better to enable your mobile internet data. Your phone has to be connected to the Internet for you to be able to locate it with a tracking app. If you have the habit of securing on to WiFi connection at home or the office, do keep your mobile data on whenever you leave to meet a client or a friend. Though this will drain out your battery but in case you need to locate your phone it is not possible without it.

Tip # 3-Always Keep your Phone Locked

The simplest thing you can do is to use a lock screen on your device. To prevent unauthorized use of your phone, you should activate your lock screen. There are several types of Android lock screen with different security levels. The Pattern lock screen is the lowest level, then comes the camera lock, PIN lock, and finally the password lock. You can then adjust how long you want your device to wait before asking for you to unlock the screen. If you are on Android 5.0 (Lolipop), there is a feature called on-body detection, which allows you to keep your phone unlocked while you’re carrying it, then automatically locks it when you set the phone down.

Tip #4-  Disable the Physical Power Button

One of the first thing someone who steals any device will do is to turn off the phone to prevent the owner from locating the phone by calls or tracking apps. You can stop them from doing this to your phone by disabling the physical Power button altogether.

To do this, you need to use Xposed Framework which you can download here. Once installed, go to the download tab to install a module called GrafityBox. There are several versions available, get the one that is right for your Android version. Go to the versions tab and tap download button on the version you want. To enable this module, restart your phone.

In the GrafityBox app, go to Power Tweaks, then enable the option Disable power menu on lock screen. Anyone who wants to turn off your phone will have to get past your lock screen first.

Tip #5-Use Android Phones with Non-Removable Batteries

You can opt for phone device with non removable batteris. A couple of phones that has non-removable batteries include the Xiaomi Mi4i and Moto G.

At this point, the only way your phone can be shut down is if the battery dies. This gives you plenty of time to remotely locate your phone to take further action.

Tip # 6- Have a Data Backup

If you lost your phone the biggest worry for you is the lost of your important data. So it is better to have a data backup of your device. Copy out this data from time and time again to your PC or some other storage device, or easier way to backup the data via cloud storage.

Following these 6 tips will help you making your phone safe and secure at all times.